~ Diwali Celebration – How and Why to celebrate

Diwali – A festival of light (Positivity, prosperity, wealth , happiness, Removing Darkness/negativity from life, Celebration)

Ahhh.. What a day to start this post! Today is first day of Diwali i.e. Dhanteras-2012. Made me nostalgic! I’am missing my family and friends back home.


Diwali – Rangoli Decoration Symbolizing “Welcome To Prosperity & Happiness”

So, first Happy Diwali to you and family…May God bless you all prosperity and happiness this Diwali.

On this first day People buy gold, silver and other precious metals as investment or for their use during festival. You will be shocked to know how much record Gold/Silver is sold in India today! Each year it is setting new record.

Diwali is biggest festival for Hindus worldwide. India offers unity in diversity where many communities join and celebrate this festival and pray for prosperity and good health to each other.

Diwali generally lasts up to 5 days as per the Hindu stars/astronomy calculations. The biggest day is Laxmi-Pujan (Worshipping goddess of wealth, Laxmi). The five days are as per hindu calendar and star calculations. It is not necessary on consecutive days , it might overlap.

All the five days you have to put Rangoli, Lamps, Lighting, and Pooja (worship to Gods) with family friends followed by delicious meal.

Day -1 (11-Nov-2012) : Dhanteras/Dhanatrayodashi (Buy new things for home, cloths, especially metals-Gold/Silver/brass/Steel)

Day-2 (13-Nov-2012): Narak Chaturdashi (Take a bath before sunrise, go to temple/Do pooja at home)

Day 3 (13-Nov-2012): Deepawali  (Biggest and Important day, Worship Goddess Laxmi)

Day 4 (14-Nov-2012): Padwa/BaliPratipada (Ladies day! Give gifts to Daughter and Wife )

Day 5 (15-Nov-2012): Bhau-bij/Bhai Dooj (Sister-Brother Day, Share gifts, Do Tilak ceremony)

Note: Different state may celebrate it slightly different way. But the rituals and feelings are same!

More details about Diwali on Wikipedia

What is Diwali?

How to celebrate Diwali?

Some basic information how to celebrate Diwali , spets and tips. Watch this…

How to do Pooja (worship) at home?


Here is how to do general pooja (worship) as per Hindu culture. They have provided step by step procedure with tips why and how to do Pooja (Worship/prayers). Watch this video…

image credit: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali”

Sources: YouTube, Wikipedia, Google search , and all hyperlinks mentioned in the post.


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