~ What India Gave To the World

 While thinking how to start and write about the topic, I found this excellent BBC documentary “What Ancients Did For Us” episode on India. It saved my time to collect few important inventions/ discoveries and write it down.

You can watch documentary as YouTube clip at the bottom of this post. The team visited various places in India, collected the information and actually tried to imitate in their workshop to prove how ancient Indians invented these technologies and how they used it.

Some of the Indian inventions showed in the documentary are:

  1. Invention of zero – “0” and decimal system

  2. Vedic Mathematics by Bharati Krishna Tirtha

  3. Water clock for accurate measurement

  4. Metal casting and making metal statues

  5. To calculate accurate time, date,  zodiacs, astronomy calculations, etc by building a giant architecture jantar Mantar

  6. Well planned Ancient Indian city in Gujrat State-India

  7. Ancient Indian Toilet and underground sewage system using earthen pipes and bricks

  8. Indian cotton cloths, dyeing techniques and hand-looms machines

  9. Special corrosion free metal alloy to make sword/pillars – Delhi Piller

  10. Ayurveda, means “The knowledge for long life”, it is ancient indian health and medicine practice.

  11. Efforts to make a Perpetual machine

  12. Yoga– Indian methods for physical, mental and spiritual discipline.

  13. Sushruta – Knowledge of Surgery  and its special medical instruments. Sushruta Samhita , Sanskrit redaction text which describes over 300 surgical procedures, 120 surgical instruments, and eight categories of human surgery/ plastic surgery.

  14. Game of Chess – Sanskrit name “Chaturanga

  15. Old Rocket/Missile technology

Apart from this I could recollect now is contribution of an Indian ancient mathematician cum astronomer Aryabhata . He has significant contribution in Trigonometry, Algebra, and Astronomy. Indian government paid tribute to Aryabhata by naming India’s first satellite after his name Aryabhata (Satellite)  in 1975.

Also, Baudhayana , an Indian mathematician during  800 BCE, had calculated the value of  “Pi” and gave us value as “pi“=3.1416.Yajurveda,which deals with geometry / algebra , is one of four Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures), has appendices or rules (sutras) which were described by four mathematicians in their work:  Mr. Baudhayana (wrote Baudhayana SulbaSutras) , Mr. Apastambha, Mr. Katyayana and Mr. Manava.  In book Shulbha Sutras , Mr. Baudhayana has given various mathematical theorems including similar original theorem way before Pythagorean Theorem was told by European Mathematician.

These are just few discoveries and inventions by Indians, I will discuss more about this topic in future. Please find some my old relevant posts and documentary at Youtube below.



India (Bharat) Map During Lord Krishna/Mahabharata Era (3228 to 3102 BCE)

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Watch BBC Documentary- What Ancients (Indians) did For Us

Image Credits: Maurya-“en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Maurya_Dynasty_in_265_BCE.jpg” and Mahabharata Map-“en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mahabharata_BharatVarsh.jpg”

Sources: BBC, Google search, Wikipedia, Youtube, and other links mentioned in the post.


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