~ ‘Instant’ & ‘Ready-To-Cook’ Indian Foods

If you like to eat Indian Cuisine but dont know the recipe or don’t know incredients or just don’t want to spend time on cooking then here are Instant/Ready-to-eat/Ready-to-Cook Foods for you!

There are many companies which provide vast range of Ready-to-Cook and Ready-to-Eat products which are

  1. Easy to Use – Preparation time has reduced to 10 mins!

  2. Easy to Cook – Just put it boiling water or microwave.

  3. Ready literally Instantly.

  4. Easily Available in India and Overseas

And gives taste of homemade-restaurant quality food… 🙂

Out of the several brands, I have used GITS and MTR which are well known brands in India and are famous for their Ready-to-Eat and Ready-to-Cook dishes which include both Sweet and Savory. They offer all types of food – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

1) GITS was established in 1963 and has been very popular for its instant sweet mixes. As a kid, I remember homemade Gulab Jamun (indian sweet dish) meant Gits! These days they also offer ready-to-eat food which are extremely liked. They have a wide network all over the world and have partnered with many stores such as Tesco, Walmart, Carrefour to name a few. For more details on their range of products, visit comapny website

Watch clips of GITS ready-to-cook dishes here – Medu VadaRava Dosa, UpmaUttapam,  RasamSambarPakora/PakodaDahi VadaBasundiKulfiJilebiRasmalaiKheerKalakand. Also they have a range of ready-to-eat vegetable  curriesdaal (lentlis) and rice/Pulao/Biryani.

Some of GITS’s popular products are::

Ready-to-cook Rice Dosa

Ready-to-cook Onion Bhajiya

Ready to cook Gulab Jamun

2) MTR was established in 1924 and in past 85 years, they have been offering many products such as ready-to-eat curries and rice, ready-to-eat cook gravies, frozen food, instant mixes and spices. They have presence all over the world. For more details on their range of products, visit their website.

Watch clips of MTR recommended ready-to-cook dishes here – Dosa Upma , VadaManchurianPakodaJalebiGulab JamunGajar Halwa.  Also they have a range of ready-to-eat vegetable curriesdaal (lentlis) and rice/Pulao/Biryani.

Some of MTR’s popular products are:

Ready-to-cook Vada

Ready-to-cook Uttapam

3) ACTChawa Products – Instant Puran Poli Mix (Maharashtra Sweet Nan/Roti)

Many Instant ACTCCHAWA products here @ official Youtube Playlist  and @ actchawa.com

Happy Cooking! Happy Eating!

Some other popular Instant Indian Ready-To-Cook Brands are:


5) Bhikaram Bhujiawala

Disclaimer: This is NOT an advertisement for any of the companies/products. The information about company have been gathered from their respective websites,wikipedia,google search and youtube.


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