~ International (English) Singers In Indian Cinema (Bollywood)

1. Kylie Minogue singing “Chiggy Wiggy” (Movie ‘Blue’ 2010)
Music by : A R Rahman 

2. Akon singing ‘Chammak Challo” (Movie ‘Ra one’ 2011)
Music by : Vishal Shekhar 

Making and Shooting of Song

Wecome to Bollywood Akon!! (Song ‘criminal’ recording/shooting -Movie ‘Ra one’ 2011)

3. Tata Young singing “Dhoom Machale” (Movie ‘Dhoom‘ 2004 )
Music by : Pritam

4. Snoop Dogg singing “Singh is King” (Movie “Singh is King” 2008)
Music by : Pritam

5. Natalie Di Luccio – “adha Ishq” (Movie ‘ Band Baja Baraat’ 2010)

Singers : Shreya Ghosal  and Natalie Di Luccio , Music : Salim-Suleman

Natalie Singing Hindi Songs (originally from other singers):

‘Tu Jane Na’ (Movie”Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani“2009)

Kahi Toh Hogi Woh (Movie ” Jane Tu Ya Jane Na“,2008 )

Natalie in Mumbai singing “Pahla Nasha’ (Movie ” Jo Jita Wohi Sikandar” 1992)

Sources: YouTube, Wikipedia, google search


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