~ Why World Will Not End On 21st-December-2012!! :)


  •  My astrologer told me I won’t die so early!
  • Women are not done with their Shopping yet!
  • Guys are still paying their Bank Loan Instalments…….Wait till they repay all!
  • They said “Four More Years“!
  • Ice in Antarctica is not completely melted!
  • We have not yet been to Pandora (planet from Avatar movie)!
  •  “Dabangg 2” movie will release on 21st Dec 2012! (Our dear Robin hood cop ‘Dabangg Pande’ a.k.a. ‘ Chulbul Pande ’ doesn’t like such nonsense)..See introduction (clip) to Chulbul pande here 🙂
  • Girls are still 16 and women are 18!
  • Boys are still boys !
  • James Bond has not danced on Bollywood Songs!
  • We haven’t purchased Real Estate/Property on Moon & Mars!
  • Humans are still delivered from Womb, not from “factories” !
  •  There is Christmas celebration on 25th December 2012….We know GOD is kind and he likes celebration n prayers.
  • Bachelors are still waiting for their turn to get “Dream partner” and to have babies…
  • Grandpas n Grannies are still waiting for their Grandchildren!
  • Many parties are planned across the world on 31st-Dec-2012 night! World can’t afford more wastage of money….there is recession already!
  • We have not yet fully bailed out Recession affected countries!
  • Walmart has not yet opened stores in India!
  • Millions of guys n gals still didn’t get chance to have “ ……” (You know what I mean!!)…So, they won’t die before doing  ‘Thats-Why-You-Are-Born’ type Karma!
  • Harry Potter doesn’t have a kid yet!
  • We have not yet seen debut Hollywood film of ‘Suri Cruise ’ (Tom & Katie’s cute daughter)

and finally… Yanna Rascala….Mind It !!

  • Nature is still waiting for Rajanikanth’s approval…..Case is still pending!

Feel free to add/suggest your reasons below…..

Cheers..Have fun 😀

Sources: Wikipedia, google search and respective links mentioned.

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