~ Answers to Some of Interesting Questions in Life from a Yogi/Thinker/Guru

I got to know about this Yogi/Guru while searching for some difficult but interesting questions in everyday life like what is destiny, what is purpose of our life, what is soul, what is spirituality,etc. I found these interesting talks where you can watch some practical/philosophical/ scientific spirituality kind of discussions from  this yogi/guru.   Jaggi Vasudev  (or Sadhguru) is an Indian yogi / Thinker / Mystic. He has travelled worldwide giving interesting lectures about life, philosophy, “inner engineering’, etc. He was also invited to TED talks which can be found at my previous post about best Indian speakers at TED here . Sadhguru runs a non-religious, non-profit and public service organisation called ISHA Foundation in India. For more details visit official website of  ISHA Foundation here

Please find selected talks from Sadhguru answering some of interesting questions about: life, purpose, science & spirituality, Atheist and Theist, mind, soal, responsibility, freedom, god,etc.

 ABC news -Australia Interview

(leadership, economic grwoths, world issues, world as a global village)

Responsibility leads to freedom

Times Now-India Interview

(Atheist and Theist, Religion and Spirituality, Inclusiveness)

What is purpose of life?

Is my life pre-destined?

Love & Relationships

Is marriage the right path?

Attachment Vs Love

What happens when person dies?

What is GOD?



Image Credit: “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Jaggi_Vasudev.jpg”

Souces: YouTube, Wikipedia, Google search and other websites mentioned in the post.


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