~ Laws of Karma (Good Deeds/Action): How it works!

This is a beautiful video where a little girl helps a woman unconditionally and cycle of Karma / Good deeds starts rolling…. Her small help to woman triggers many incidences which end up getting that little girl her dues but in different form!

There are many ways to interpret this video; some may call it power of smile, help, love, etc. But actually this is how Laws of Karma works! Karma principle from Bhagavad Gita is one of the basic pillars of Hinduism way of life.  Hinduism believes one’s present is a result of his/her past Karma and one can create good future by doing positive Karma/Things/Deeds/Actions.

One should always focus on doing good deeds/things/ Karma without thinking about any selfish gains/outcomes. You will automatically get your dues in future which may not be exactly what you want (person always has greed about money, power, fame, etc materialistic things) but may be in different forms you never expected.

Only if one has that instinct or sense he/she would be able to understand this whole cycle of Karma! Same thing applies to bad karma or bad things one spreads around. They also say….…as you sow, so shall you reap!!

This nice video shows, if we all start doing good Karma and spread unconditional love, we would make world a happy and better place to live!

Law of Karma – What you Sow; so shall you reap


Law of Karma – What you Sow, so shall you reap

P.S. I don’t understand the language so could not figure out the origin country of this clip. I came across to this via YouTube clip search. But, you can connect to it as feelings and emotions are same worldwide!

 Sources: YouTube, Google search, Wikipedia, and other links in the post.



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