~ Alcohol Drinking: Know The Limit!!

Party Spoiler Alert!!  😀 😛

Sorry , I know you might have already bought crates of liquor for tonight’s new year party!But, this is just for your knowledge and to take precautions.

Alcohol and Your Brain: See this an impressive 3D  demonstration clip to understand what happens inside body after drinking Alcohol. I found this on youtube which is a part of awareness programme from an Australian agency (By 3Dme Creative Studio http://www.Youtube.com/3dmecreativestudio for the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation).

Do you want to see what happens after crossing the limit?? Here is funny animation clip showing  negative effect of Alcohol 🙂

Alcohol consumption is high among youth in Russia. Here are clips showing  case of drinking culture and effect on society.

Alcohol addiction is a also a big problem among youth of Indian state of Punjab (North India- Near Delhi). According to information provided, nearly 73% of youth are addicted and state has become the highest per capita consumer of  liquor  in the world!! Local society is facing severe damage due to this habit.

Know your limit…..Have fun & enjoy the party…..

Wish you & family “safe , happy and successful” new year 2013 🙂 🙂

Sources: Youtube, google search ,Aljazeera English News report and links mentioned in the post)


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