~ SANSKRIT Language: Scientific Base, Computer Programming Usage and Free Online Resources

Sanskrit ( means ‘Refined Speech”) is one of the oldest languages on the earth. Sanskrit  is mother of many languages in India and outside (Ref). Sanskrit learning and speaking also helps to improve pronunciation and broaden one’s linguistic skills. Sanskrit is also studied in UK , Irland, Harvard-USA and New Zealand and some other countries in the world apart from Indians. A New Zealand school teacher says Sanskrit helped their kids to learn English! See an discussion on benefits of learning sankrit, a western perspectives.

Hollywood Movie Matrix and Sanskrit Connection!

Sanskrit at British Schools (NDTV report): Kids say Sanskrit is helping them to pronounce difficult words and understanding the world better!

See another clip here : British School Kids Chanting Sanskrit Mantras

Sanskrit ( Indian Language) and European languages have common root. Even many English words actually have Sanskrit origin. Watch this ThinkingallowedTV discussion about Sanskrit – The most Scientific, ancient , Spiritual Language

How To Use Sanskrit In Daily life: Surprised to see a foreigner in love with Sanskrit. I found this Youtube play list .Also find more videos here and his interpretation.

Sanskrit as Computer Programming Language and for Artificial Intelligenece:

Recent reserch shows that Sanskrit is useful for computer software programming. NASA research paper demonstrates how Sanskrit can be used for computer in publication – Knowledge representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence. Also, see interesting fact that NASA to use Sanskrit as computer language Article discussed that using Sanskrit message can be sent by the computer in least number of words! More similar views on this by a scribed user here. Sanskrit usage is also published in a scientific paper where they used it in Computer simulation concept . Find various articles on Sanskrit usage as programming language for computer :

Learn Sanskrit Online in English (Free):

Stephen Thomson Introduces the Sanskrit Alphabet (Learn more about Sankrit courses in UK )

Learn Sanskrit Alphabets from an American Teacher (Also visit American Sanskrit Institute-US )

See how: Sanskrit Calligraphy explained by American Professor

Learn and Read Sanskrit in English (Part 1/6)

Part 2/6  , Part 3/6 , Part 4/6 , Part 5/6 ,  Part 6/6

Free Sanskrit Resources:

Online Sanskrit Certification Programme:

Buy Books and CDS :

Image credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanskrit

Sources: Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and other links mentioned in the post.


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