~ Why Divorce Rate is Low In INDIA!!

There are some things where you wish your country should be at bottom of the list, divorce is one of them! Glad to see  India is still among the lowest Divorce rate countries in the world  and now see Top 10 countries with highest Divorce Rates in 2012.


One of the reasons about low divorce rates in India is probably  culture (Hinduism) which teaches : “Marriage is a lifetime union of not only two souls but also of two different families/generations…..Both families (Bride’s and Groom’s side) and their blessings/attention/opinion/guidance matters in a successful marriage”.

Also, Hindus traditionally follows some basic rules like:

  • One Life One Wife (Inspired from Lord Rama’s life story)

  • Karma /Dharma towards family & society

  • Family which lives/eats together stays together

  •  Consider Gross income of family rather than focusing on individual’s income (this avoids conflicts between couples or other close family members)

  • Family first, self interest later

  • Maintaining harmony

  • Taking parent’s/elder’s (both side) opinion in major family decisions

  • Saving money or investing together for future crisis (Land/ House/ Gold/ Silver/ Diamonds)

  • Responsibility or upbringing of Kids together (they need love from both)

  • Avoid being Spendthrift/Careless (not just about money but also other natural resources)

  • Staying away from Alcohol/Smoke/Bad habits as it spoils married life/family

  • Parental (both sides) guidance/moral support/counselling  if there are frequents fights between husband-wife

See these core Ideals of Hindu/Indian marriage ,which are probably help in making marriage bond  stronger in Indian system.

Hindu culture teaches Adjustment/ Sacrifices for sake of family/ /Tolerance /Patience / Respect / Karma philosophy / Dharma principles/  how to dilute yourself in crowd / Loyalty / Duties towards kids, parents, relatives/  Commitment/ Sense of Belonging / Responsibility of family members/ Hierarchy in family/ Understanding others point of view even though you disagree.

Psyche  arise from these teachings is probably helping men-women to stick to one marriage even though there some differences in opinion among husband-wife (which generally happens over the period).

Hindus outside India also follows same pattern:

Not only in India but Hindus settle or married to others have low divorce rates! US Hindus have lowest divorce rates compare to US national rate. Report further says, 79% of Hindus are married and US average is 54%. Hindus have lowest divorce rate of 5% (lowest among any community in US) compare to US national average of 12%! Another survey gathers facts, see report: Hindus have highest educational level and lowest divorce rate in US


Tough in last few years divorce rate has increased in India but still it is not very high compare to other countries in the world. Let’s find some interesting statistics and figures about world divorce rates.

See more information about World Divorce rate Statistics.  Facts about Marriage and Divorce Statistics in European countries . Ireland and Italy are probably only countries with lowest divorce rates in Europe.

Other analysis on the topic by a foreigner about Indian marriage system in this video and see discussion/comments there at that link.

More detail analysis about Indian marriage system will be discussed in next post.

Image credits : “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:KanyaDaan.jpg” and “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Indian_wedding_Delhi.jpg”

Sources: Google search , Wikipedia and all hyper-links provided in the post.


6 thoughts on “~ Why Divorce Rate is Low In INDIA!!

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  3. It is not longer true in India. The Divorce rate has increased significantly and will continue to do so for next decade or little more before we see a normal pattern.


    • 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog & comment…

      Still rate is not that high compare to many other places abroad…Only among Indian Celebrities it is very high!!

      Sri Sri Ravishankar says – If you choose Joy; Misery will follow you…but if you choose Knowledge/Wisdom; Fun & Happiness will follow you!

      What couple will chose so will be their Destiny…whether they choose Delusionary Life (Only materialism / Lack of Vision / Infidelity /show-off / Rat Race / Live-In / lack of harmony & Mutual respect / Too much individualism / Ego/ Irresponsibility / Bad habits & wrong lifestyle) OR they choose Good Character/Ethics building, so will be the consequences…. same thing Kids will learn from parents and similar Social chain will continue!

      Current worldwide economic Recession ( Delusion breaker) has given us one more chance to introspect & plan for future….Hope people will choose right path…

      No country or society is bad; we human make it as per our Priorities & Karma (Actions)!


  4. Although I agree with the spiritual and cultural aspect playing in strong marriages in India, the fact is that we are being constantly made to believe that ‘love’ is essential for a successful marriage. Every form of media has love themes be it movies, books, poems, music, TV etc etc. Love for me is just a temporary feeling and most of the times people pursue the feeling rather than the people. In trying to make Love success, one constantly has to impress the other person. It becomes a long duration of pretense in keeping the other person happy and in doing so one ends up lying to his friends family and to themselves. Post marriage one can no longer pursue this pretense as one becomes more social and children also play the role and priorities change. There is always too much expectations in Love couples and this leads to high disappointment making the relationship no longer stable and usually ending in divorce. Can we stop this false promotion of happy married life through love? The stats for failed marriages itself shows this as these are the countries where there are no arranged marriages. Can we start educating our children about the ill-effects of such relationships?


    • Hey thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your great insights……
      I agree, one of the aspects youngsters should realize is how to tackle misconception of – “false promotion of happy married life through love”

      In west, all marriages are “love” marriages , even many couples decides to “live-in” for some years to so called” knowing each other better”, some even have babies without marrying…..still divorce rates are high there!!
      This proves your point…only love can’t save marriage! There are many things depending on case-to-case basis that are required to live a happy married life, which I ‘ve tried to address in my post above.

      Keep posted, Cya….


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