~ Maha Kumbh (Holy Dip) 2013: Largest Human Gathering On The Earth!

Maha Kumbh 2013 synopsis =>

[(100 million Devotees) + (2 Months) + ($220 million investment)] = [(Spiritual Quest & Salvation) + (635000 job creation) + ($ 2.2 Billion Revenue)]

100 million Hindus across India and the World will take a “Holy Dip” called Maha Kumbh Mela ( Big Holy Gathering) at Holy River “Sangam” (Confluence) of three rivers Ganges-Yamuna-Mythical Saraswati at Allahabad (also known as Prayag) , East of India, in State of Uttar pradesh. Well, this figure is bigger than many country’s population! See here interesting Comparison of various events of same level across the world and how Kumbh Mela is biggest gathering of human on the earth. Actually, Maha Kumbh celebration has got bigger in size and logistics in comparison to 2001. Even Maha Kumbh draws attention of Harvard University Scientists to study  logistic and economic impact under the case study titled “Mapping  India’s Kumbh Mela .  Visit  Harvard Global Health Institute’s Kumbha Mela Resource Page for relevant documents and reports. Also see how Kumbh Mela is like meeting to Eras!

How Kumbh Mela Benefit Society:  

 As per the Guardian report, Kumbh Mela Festival is a Proof that Crowds can be Good for you! Article  has mentioned various social,mental and personal benefits of Maha Kumbha and how it actually improves mental and physical well-being of a visitor. A research publication “Participation in Mass Gatherings Can Benefit Well-being: Longitudinal and control data from a North Indian Hindu Pilgrimage Event” can be found for details. Further analysis of the study  also shows how Kumbh Mela Improves Pilgrim’s health!

Maha Kumbh as a Foreigner’s perspective:

Socio-Economic Impact of Maha Kumbh on Local Economy:

Hinduism has established a Socio-Economic Ecosystem by celebrating various religious festivals  for whole year! The scale and economics of Maha Kumbh Mela has mind-blowing figures. According to ASSOCHAM-India Report there will be at least 10 times more revenue generation on capital investment (arrangements and temporary infrastructure), see data below:

  • Pilgrims and tourist (expected): 100 milions (in next 2 months)
  • Jobs (temporary) creation locally: 635,000
  • Investment by government: $220 million USD
  • Expected Revenue generation: INR 12000 Crores  (~ $ 2.2 billion)

About Foreign Tourist:

  • Foreign Tourists (Expected) – 1 million
  • Number of tourists also opting for Tour Packages for visiting other tourist destinations – 500,000
  • Amount (Expected ) of expenditure per tourist – $ 500
  • Total Revenue from Tour Packages = 500,000 X 500 = $ 250 million

BBC report the economics of India’s Kumbh Mela  has provided following arrangements for pilgrims and tourists:

  •  Temporary tent city – 20000 Sq Km
  • Food Grain Procured – 30000 Tonnes
  • Toilets built- 40000
  • Total length of water pipes laid – 550 Km
  • Policeman on Duty – 30000

Significance of Maha Kumbh :

Every 12 years, according to particular planet position,  there is such big gathering at four places in India , UjjainNashikAllahabadHaridwar with rotation. Hindus join together to one of these places to offer prayers and take a holy dip in the holy river at that place. Pilgrims do prayers and holy dip between next 50 to 55 days according to auspicious  star position of Jupiter and Sun. Depending upon Jupiter position in various zodiac signs , the place and date of Maha Kumbha are pre-defined, more on this read “timing” here. Even tough you can take dip at any time and date, but there are some auspicious days marked according to planetary position in Hindu calender.  This year the auspicious dates to take holy dips are : Jan- 14, 27. Feb – 6,10,15,17,21 and 27. More information here 

The religious importance and mythological story and significance can be found at following links:

Other Global Media Coverage:

Videos of Maha Kumbh 2013:

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Image credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hindu_public_prayer_in_Haridwar.jpg
Sources: Wikipedia, Google Search, Youtube and other links mentioned in the hyper-links.


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