~ Google+ Hangout with Shri Shri Ravi Shankar: World’s largest online discussion to find solutions to problems in daily life

Google+ Hangout   is an online application where you can group chat, host virtual meetings and broadcast your conversation to the world. Many organizations, politicians and large student groups are using this new application from Google.

Recently, on 26th Jan 2013, which is also occasion of India’s Republic day , Art of Living organization  has organized a first of its kind world meditation and spirituality discussion at Google+ Hangout where people , politicians, celebrities, filmmakers, economists, and volunteers from about 100 different countries posted their questions to spiritual guru, thinker and founder of Art of Living  Mr. Shri Shri Ravi Shankar  . As per the report, Google server got tremendous traffic and servers got overwhelmed!

Spiritual leader Mr. Ravi Shanker has discussed very well about some of the key definitions of some of the issues we face and its role in our daily life, see his thoughts below:

 What is stress?

Stress in today’s life is “too much to do, in too little time with no energy”

Who is a spiritual person?

One who is seeking harmony, seeking love, and who is seeking happiness.

What is Intuition and how to develop it?

According to Mr. Ravi Shankar, Intuition is very important for decision makers. It is important to take few moment of silence daily; they should sit quite for few minutes. This few moments of silence (inner peace) will enhance the intuitive ability and help to make good decisions. Every single human being is bestowed the faculty called intuition.  Intuition means ‘the action you do with those thought doesn’t go wrong’….In other way “a right action coming to you in the form of a right thought”. To get right intuition you need to get in touch with the inner space…even though it is for few moments every day. It definitely makes the difference. So, enhance the intuitive ability and inspire the people around you with your own action.

During the discussion, the viewers which included some celebrities from India and world have asked following questions to Mr Ravi Shankar. Watch video for Mr. Ravi Shankar’s answers (at particular time mentioned in bracket). See questions from famous personalities below:

  • Myron Scholes: Nobel Prize winner in Economics and Professor at Stanford University.[See video time 2:04:03]

Question- Regarding Ethics and Morality in business: General culture in business community is driven by “incentives and penalties” model.

How do you take your ideas about Ethics and Morality in business and make it into practice?

Question- About poverty removal programme and how meditation will help: Mr Sanjay pointed out the challenges world is facing by saying, 1/3rd of world’s population live less than 1 dollar a day. Half of children die less than 5 years live in such countries. Also, there are other issues like violence and disease. About 1.5 billion people live in such conditions in such countries. International community has not been that successful. International development institutes are trying to provide basic facilities and infrastructure.

What can we do to tackle problems of these countries and what can be done?

  • Alberto Simone  : Famous Italian Film Director. [See Video Time 2:35:20]

Question: In current recession and unemployment time, how can we all grow our youth faithful and take more responsibility for them and their future?

  • Rajkumar Hirani  : Award winning and successful Indian film director. His last film 3 idiots  was global success. [See Video Time 2:22:26]

Question- When we were growing up we never heard words like “stress”, “tension”, etc. Now it has become such a common phrase. So, I wonder what has caused in these last about 20 years, a change in surroundings so,

Why we are facing so much stress? And, how do we get rid of it? What is the simple mantra?

Answer: Interesting answer from Shri Shri Ravi Shankar: Too much to do, too little time and no energy this is equation/formula for stress. Ambitions are high, there is no time and energy to get that and so you get stressed. Meditation, spirituality, Sudarshan Kriya   (Special breathing technique invented by Art of Living ), and yoga plays important role here to release stress. Today needs are growing every day (economic and emotional), you can’t reduce those needs. So, increase your energy levels, and then things will happen effortlessly. Also, take efforts to do something for society. Share your joy and happiness with others. Do something for the sake of others then you will do it effortlessly and not feel stressed out.

He has discussed about role of meditation and spirituality in today’s unpredictable life.

  • Arnab Goswami : Editor -In-Chief, Times Now Network- India. [See video time 42:57]

Questions –  Regarding media:

1)      When media talks about the injustice or wrongdoing happens in society and when media reflects the anger in society against injustice, Media is often accused for provoking negative sentiments. Do you agree with this point of view?

2)      Media and people want more proactive approach in changing such things. How much one can dependant on faith (spirituality) to solve the problems of our society?

Question- How can be public servant (Politicians, Bureaucrats, etc) can become of Spiritual (without being kind of saint). How can person do his public service saintly and truly spiritual in spirit? Can he be a spiritual public servant?

 Let’s seek Peace and Love!

Watch Art of living Google Hangout with Shri Shri Ravi Shankar

You can watch other popular Google hangouts where US president is talking to many citizens(see here) and Chief Minister of Gujarat State-India discussing (Hindi) to various youth (see here).

Image Credit: “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sri_Sri_Ravi_Shankar_-_new.jpg”

Sources: YouTube, Google Search, Art of Living Organization, Google hangout, Wikipedia and other links mentioned in post.


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