~ India’s Jurassic Parks: Dinosaur Eggs and Fossils Found At Various Sites

Till date there are 4 different sites are discovered in India which could trace presence of Dinosaurs about 45-70 million years ago.

1. Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park , Gandhinagar , State of Gujarat, at Western Part of India, is believed to be world’s second largest hatchery of Dinosaur Eggs. There is huge tourism potential at this site. Rocks with Dinosaur footprints are also found along with Eggs.  .More on this can be found at DNA News  and TOI News  reports. See some photos from visitors.

2. Ariyalur, Pariyar, Tamilnadu, at Southern part of India : Geologist from Periyar University , Salem ,Tamilnadu State in India found Dinosaur’s eggs which is estimated to be 65 million years old. Each egg is 13 to 20 cm in diameter and was found in Cauvery river basin region  at Ariyalur district near Tiruchirapalli.  Scientist believe this finding  could hold clues to dinosaur extinction  mystery .                                                                     See Times Now reports and video clips at  : Inside India’s Jurassic Park , Find will unravel dinosaurs evaluation,  and  Spl: huge Jurassic nest found in Tamil Nadu  . More news here  , see collection of related articles   and  India’s Jurassic Nest Dug Up In Tamil nadu

3. Padlya, Dhar-Mandla Belt, Near Indore City, Madhya Pradesh, at Central part of India : Asmadha-Fossil Park at Mandu, State of Madhya Pradesh, India will be dedicated to Dinosaur Eggs and fossil museum as per Dhar District Administration . Proper protection of these sites should be top priority.  Photo of tourist with Dinosaur Eggs .

4. West Khasi Hills, Shillong, North-East part of India: Geological Survey of India (GSI)  team found fossils at West Khasi Hills , 165 Km from Shillong , State of Meghalaya. Check full GSI case study and photographs from their findings – here. For news paper coverage see- here and here. Visit official Meghalaya Tourism site for travelling details.

To know more about other Excavation, Preservation and Archaeological studies from Government of India departments visit:  Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) website – http://asi.nic.in/ and Geological Survey of India (GSI) website – http://www.portal.gsi.gov.in/

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Image credit: “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Indroda_eggs.JPG”

Sources: Google search, YouTube, Wikipedia, Times of India, NTDTV, The National , NDTV, BBC, DNA news, and others links mentioned in the post.


8 thoughts on “~ India’s Jurassic Parks: Dinosaur Eggs and Fossils Found At Various Sites

  1. The first dinosaur discovery in India was made as early as 1862 by Blanford of the GSI in the cretaceous rocks of Tamil Nadu near Kallamedu, according to Mr Ravi Shanker, Director General of the GSI.


  2. In the past 14 years, around 15,000 eggs of the monstrous reptiles, some of them up to 25 metres in length, had been discovered in India, said Khosla.


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