~ Big Fat Indian Wedding Celebration : Bridal Makeover

Band Baajaa Barat (means “Band-Music-Marriage procession”. More on Marriage procession i.e. “Barat” here ) is a great TV series on NDTV Good times channel showcasing colourful and beautiful culture of Indian wedding celebrations. Band Baajaa Barat (BBB) show is helping many brides to celebrate a Fairytale or Grand Bollywood style wedding and making the occasion memorable for lifetime.

BBB show organiser ask would-be bride to send their entry with biodata, wedding date, cultural background and why she wish BBB Team to organise her bridal make-up ,etc. In short, you should convince the TV team why they should choose you! After selecting interesting candidates, according to wedding dates, the BBB team will makeover each selected bride as per her tradition/culture/wish for her wedding for FREE and even shower with lots of Wedding Gifts ( like Gold jewellery, RADO watch, Wedding saris and accessories,etc)! BBB Team consists of all eminent personalities from relevant professions. Main attraction for Bride is famous Indian fashion designer, Mr. Sabhyasachi Mukharjee (visit his Facebook page). Girls are excited to wear branded and classy cloths like Satyabachi special wedding Sari/Saree  and Lehanga type Sari /Saree  (Special Indian wedding outfits).

Team also has other prominent wedding experts such as make-up, jewellery expert, dentist, hair and skin experts, etc. Interestingly, this celebration will give viewer  an idea about grand Hindu/Indian wedding  preparations, culture, customs and bridal makeover. You will understand culture of different communities and states in India which is slightly different from others (although all follow Hindu wedding  which is generally based on Vedic wedding customs) in terms of style of cloths, jewellery style, accessories and make-up. Watch following selected episodes which are picked up from EAST, WEST, NORTH and SOUTH (regions of India) style Indian bridal makeovers to understand each wedding style, make-up and culture.

More details about BBB show:


BBB New Season Promo featuring Bollywood Diva Vidya Balan  & Designer Sabhyasachi

Bride: Aditi Bhasin  Episode (North Indian Style Wedding)

Bride: Aditi Chkravarthy Episode ( East Indian/ Bengali Style Wedding)

Bride: Ramya Krishnan  Episode (South Indian Style Wedding)

Bride: Trupti Shinde  Episode ( West Indian / Maharastrian Style Wedding)

(With special Guest Mr. Imtiaz Ali ,one of Bollywood’s successful directors)

International Bride: Russian Girl Elena  Episode

Watch this full episode :  here

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Sources: NDTV Goodtimes, Band Baajaa Barat, Google search, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and other hyper-links mentioned in the post.


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