~ Ingredients of Success

How much Domain Knowledge and Soft skills plays role in success ? Watch this influential and interesting discussion about how “technology of spirituality” benefits to be successful in life. What are three Gunas (qualities) i.e. Tamas (resistance to action, template for inertia),  Rajas (responsible for motion, energy and preservation) and Sattva (purity/goodness) mentioned in the Vedic philosophy . Learn  from Mr. Khursheed Bataliwala (Bawa), an Art of Living Teacher, how we can be successful and live healthy life by balancing these 3 Gunas properly.  Mr. Bawa along with his partner Mr. Dinesh Ghodke has given many inspiring talks called “Knowledge Sheet” about important things we should focus in life (search title at  play list here ).

Interesting definitions/tips that were discussed in talk:

  • Success   is “Balancing the Tamas & Rajas Gunas..and increasing the Sattva Guna!
  •   SpiritualityGetting (pursuing) to be excellent, getting to realize your dreams but at the same time not getting stressed out and tired by doing it means Spirituality!
  • Learn to meditate & Pranayam ( Typical breathing In & Out exercise in Yoga) and do it regularly at morning. Good day has to happen. This will increase your “Sattva Guna” and “Will” to become successful. This is a Shakti (Sacred force/empowerment or primordial cosmic energy)

    available to each of us. Use it!

  • Spirituality doesn’t mean ‘not having money’. Even in Hindu mythology; lord Vishnu (God of Knowledge) and Goddess Laxmi (God of Money/prosperity/wealth) are  married to each other.Knowledge and Wealth goes together!                     
  • If you are truly Spiritual means you are definitely (or will become) Rich!      
  •  Time will never come back Money will come back. So, invest in excellence/best thing  (may be bit expensive) which will give good long term results.

“Technology of Spirituality” talk by Mr. Bawa -Art of Living (Full lecture)

Brief: Three Gunas (qualities) and how we can make use of it to be successful. Talk is also about ancient indian technology and scientific knowledge , what ancient indians knew in past, how indian (hindu) mythology is related to scientific findings,etc.

What we need to be come Successful ( By Mr. Bawa – Art of Living)

Brief: Regarding importance of domain knowledge and soft skills for success.

Watch YouTube official YESplus playlist – here

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image credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happiness

Sources: Art of Living Foundation, YESplus youth programme, google search, YouTube and other links mentioned in the post.


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