~ Creative and Famous Commercials

See some of creative and famous commercials from India. Watch how to target your market, promote your brand and tell your story creatively in few seconds!

How to return a kiss -Tide Washing Power

Brief:  Funny ..Put stains back where they belong!!

 ‘We’re the Blackberry boys’ – Blackberry India Campaign

Tag line – Not only for some specials but for everybody.

Brief: Changing target market from “only Executive class “ to Students, common citizen and young generation.

‘Par Bande  Ache Hai’- ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

Tag Line – We give protection to those who happily takes responsibility but never show (portray) it. “Zimmedari ka Humsafar” (Companion of Responsibility)!

Brief: “Par Bande  Ache Hai” (means..but the guys are nice/Responsible). Commercial is about celebrating everyday goodness of a man (Husband, Father, Friend) in life.

Translation of this nice song – No matter how they (men) are weird/strange…. may behave like kids..may not remember many things (you tell them) but they are good and responsible! There are thousands of strange stories about their habits but they are nice….They may not change (habits) but they are good by heart.

Naukri commercial – Job Seekers Website

Tag Line : Change your job with ease!

Brief: Vary famous ‘HARI SADU’ advertise. How to change job by smartly giving back to your Boss!

Tanishq Gold/Diamond Jewellery Advertise

Tag line – How to win Girl’s heart! ( targeting new independent young working class woman to buy jewellery)

Brief:  See how parents try to convince their daughter to get marry and settle down in life!….Wife teases husband in sms at end – Even after 25 years of marriage you still don’t  know how to win woman’s heart!!

Camlin Permanent markers (pen)

Tag line – Never ending Bond like Husband-wife

Brief: Marker Pen used to make Bindi (forehead dot). Covering story of Rudaali (women hire for funeral)  at  Rajasthan-India.

White Chewing gum advertise

Tag line – Product is so white that we can even shine your teeth like bulb!

Godrej DVD player

Tag Line – We make everything louder!

Satyamev Jayate Promotional song

Tag line – featuring everyday life in India through this song which is also a basic theme of TV series. See English translation and lyrics of this beautiful song here.

Brief: This is a very famous song for Satyamev Jayate (means Truth Alone Triumphs),  a very popular TV series created,hosted, and produced by Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, which has highlighted some social issues in India and tried effectively to spread awareness along with social messages. This is probably one of the most viewed TV series in India and also jointed by millions of viewers via SMS, Facebook,Twitter and Satyamev Jayate official website. All episodes of season-1 (ENGLISH subtitles) can be viewed at official Star World India playlist here and also at official website here.

Watch this space in future for more creative, cool and famous advertises.

Sources: Mentioned brands/companies, Wikipedia, Youtube, Google search and all links provided.


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