~ Plastic water bottle ‘Bulb’ using direct Sun-light!

Go Green!! See this incredible “green” idea of using waste plastic water bottle as light bulb using only direct sunlight and without using any electricity or solar panels. Such bulb can give 50-60 Watt power like an ordinary electric bulb!! This is not just limited to slums and non-cement slab roof tops but also for rich or affluent localities to promote this Green initiatives to reduce dependencies on fossil based polluted electricity generation technologies and to avoid pollutant gas emissions.

We can also save our electricity bill by using such bulbs  below stair-case, tilted roofs, Garage, Public Places, Factories, Toilets, Cattle shades, Poultry farms, Shops, Study rooms, Library, Hostels, Wedding halls, University, Window decoration, Hut type traditional hotels and cafe shops, corridors, passages, etc as per our creativity.

You can fix such bulbs not only at roof tops but on top of side walls too! such bulbs can be very useful in Asia, Africa, and Gulf where there are more sunny days available whole year and that to about 10- 12 hours each day!

Local Community or municipal Corporation should promote and nourish such green ideas in their region. This idea can be developed for future to find innovative future bulbs and decoration items. If developed properly, it has a potential to give birth to whole new green business eco-system!

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Note: turn On “English” Caption (preferred language) at bottom right of clip.

  • Panasonic ecoidanet- Plastic water bottle “60-watt-bulb”

  • CCTV report – Battle Lights in Philippines

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Sources: Youtube, Google search, and links provided in the post.


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