~ Recession-proof Jobs and Businesses

Information about some of the recession-proof jobs/careers and businesses. It will help you to plan your journey through tough time in slow down.

Recession-proof Jobs:

Collection of few interesting recession-proof job profiles.

Time – 150 recession proof jobs of alltime

Businessinsider – Top 10 recession proof jobs with average monthly salaries

Salary – Recession proof jobs

Voteforus – Recession proof job hunting

Brainz – 21 Recession proof jobs

Squdoo – Recession proof careers

Recession-proof Business:

Here are some selected industries and business opportunities which are generally considered as free from recession time.

How Stuff Works- 10 recession-proof businesses

CNBC- in photos, recession proof industries

Under 30 CEO – Top 10 Recession proof industries to start a business

Huffingtonpost – 10 Surprisingly recession proof businesses

Adage – Quick list of some recession-proof businesses

Huffingtonpost – America’s recession proof Companies

Homebusiness-About.com – Business that thrives in recession

Entrrpreneur- Best recession-proof businesses

Business for sale – Business for sale – Recession proof industries

Businessresources – Top 5 recession-proof businesses

hrpeople.monster – Top 5 recession proof industries

Hope this will help you. If you have any other ideas/comments about recession-proof opportunities , kindly share your thoughts.

Sources: Google, and all other mentioned links in the post


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