~ Ganga – India’s River of Life

The Ganaga and her riverside places, are one of the most beautiful places in the world. Watch this incredible journey how River Ganga/Ganges has transformed surrounding places into amazing landscapes, plants and trees , animals, heritage, culture, human colonies, yoga & spiritual destinations, in short LIFE!! Thus, Ganga is most sacred river for Indians and that’s why it is called “India’s River of Life”….This highest respects brings her to a stature of God, and so Indians even thank her by worshiping daily with special “Ganga-Aarti” (Ganga prayers) at early morning and evening —

Watch Ganga riverside open air prayers at Haridwar (Hari means-God, Dwar-Door) & Rishikesh (Rishi means – Pundit/Priest, Kesh – hair/his presence) -> : HERE   (with English subtitles to understand prayers) and HERE.

Ganga – India’s River of Life

The Valley of Flowers (Bhyander Valley, Uttarakhand)

National parks around Ganga

Gangotri (Birth place of river Ganga) and Nanda-devi

Gharials (Crocodiles) at Ganges River

Full Documentary – Ganga

English dubbing but other language (Portuguese by default) subtitles:

Part 1/4, Part 2/4 , Part ¾ ,  Part 4/4

Sources: BBC, Google Search, YouTube, Wikipedia and links provided in the post.Image source- Wikipedia


5 thoughts on “~ Ganga – India’s River of Life

  1. thanks for this beautiful post on Ma Ganga and for the links. I’ve seen most of the films but a couple were new to me. I never get enough of sitting along the Ganga and photographing her changing beauty. Her energies are so healing and cleansing. 🙂


    • Thank you Jane! Glad that you like the post….yeah Ma Ganga is a magical river 🙂 Journey take you to different emotional and spiritual level,…a very Blissful experience…..just being around and felling the positive energy gives good memories to cherish….hope you will visit Ganga Ma soon & feel the ultimate Bliss….Stay in touch


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