~ Why Egg can’t be a Vegetarian food (read how to substitute)

There are different opinions about egg, whether to consider it vegetarian or not, whether to eat it not. Also, there are many misleading advertisement runs on TV or newspaper about Egg being a “Vegetarian” or “artificially made” food. To support their claim they tell you funny stuffs that they are feeding chicken only vegetarian food (grains, lentils, fruits, etc.) and these egg can’t produce chicks (this is how they claim it to be artificial/no-flesh). Many people/parents are unaware to the exact information about the egg or they are ignorant to collect this vital information to understand what we are actually eating in the form of  “EGG”!!

Some authors collected various information and pictures to prove the concept. These links below will provide in detail information about Egg – What is actually an ‘Egg’? Why it can’t be called Vegetarian food?, etc.:

Click on title (hyperlinks) to read information in details.

Do you want to substitute egg in your diet?

Here are different ways you can substitute the egg in your recipes, diet, etc. This information will also help some chefs/cook/restaurant owners  to fulfil demand of their vegetarian/vegan clients!

Egg substitution for (roles and usage):

Click on title (hyperlinks) to read information in details.

  •  for Protein : You can substitute egg with other natural/vegetarian sources like – Milk, Peanuts, Soy protein, black beans, lentils, corn products, wheat, grains, etc.
  •  in Recipes : various mentioned in the link like, potato, pumpkin, tofu, agar powder, baking powder, etc
  •  in cake or other usage – see different recipes to act as binder/livening agent/ to provide moisture and texture (emulsion) / colour / for extra volume and lightness (cake, pan cakes)

Note: With due respect, its up to individual to decide what they wish to eat. This informatio is just to clear some doubt about confusing terminologies and get knowledge about this food type.

Sources: Google search, Wikipedia and different  links provided in the post.


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