~ India-Europe Bonding

Glimpse of Indian culture, cuisine, classical dances, music, Cloths, Jewellery, Ayurveda, Bollywood movies, way of life, yoga and spiritually is visible at many European cities especially at Paris, Rome, Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, and some others places.

Along with trade, language and cultural exchange; Indian films which are showcasing beautiful European locations, also attracts more tourists/students from India to Europe. This two way exchange is bonding two old civilizations on the earth together. Watch these clips about India-Europe connections.

Palimpsest: India and Europe

Living in India (short film – India by choice)

Full documentary – India By Choice

Journey of Ayurveda (from India to Europe)

Nirvana and Beyond : An Indian Journey

Sources: Google, YouTube, MEA-India, and other links in the post


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