~ Fundamentals of Happiness

Happiness is all about balancing satisfactions in terms of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Materialistic things! Ancient Indian scolars could figure out these four things which need attention if you wish to live a ‘Happy’ life.

In today’s capitalism/ consumerism era, the general opinion among people is “Money = Happiness”, in short – we can buy ‘anything’ with Money! Well, in larger picture, money can buy some comfort and luxury; which may put a temporary smile.

But, in long run, we should focus on acquiring all kinds of inner and outer satisfactions discussed below (see chart) along with solution/suggestion.

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1)      Mental –

Includes Mental peace, Positive thinking, Stress-free life, Mind free from anger/unnecessary worries about past and future/Jealousy/Greed/Selfishness/Rat race/Show-offs.

Tips (Insights) – How to balance : Practice Yoga & Meditation, Spiritual practice, breathing exercise/Pranayam, Read good positive books. Balance your 3 Gunas (Tamas, Rajas and Satvik) properly  as told in my previous post about “ingredients of success” .

Here is a one different suggestion, do not get involve ‘too much’ into Gadgets or electronics – Laptops, Mobile, social networking, TV, Movies, etc. They occupy more space in your mind and you may feel tired/ dull. Give some free time to yourself daily.

Put-off electronic devices for about 1-2 hrs, it will train your mind not to be dependent on machines (Think about simple life before invention of gadgets). Try to take a 20-30 min barefoot walk on grass in garden/parks, it helps.

2)      Emotional –

Which includes: Love, Long term relationships (Husband-wife, with kids, parents, dear ones), Sense of belongingness, Compassion, Good family bonding, Long term friendship/social networks, Trust , Togetherness, Fear-less society, Love and care towards animals/plants, Respect to others, Appreciation for your efforts, Credits for your creativity/ideas.

Tips (Insights) – How to balance :  Respect other’s opinion/existence; he is equally divine as you are.  Follow laws of Karma. Treat others same way you want to be treated!

3)      Physical –

Consists of Health related things. Body free from any disease/obesity/health issues. Keeping body fit from inside and outside.

Tips (Insights) – How to balance : Practice Yoga/Gym/Jogging/Walk. Avoid junk food/alcohol/Tobacco/Fat/Cola/Excessive Sugar & Salts, etc. Eat more vegetables/fruits/herbal products. Adopt a disciplined and junk-food-free life style including habits of early sleeping (~11 PM) and early wake-up ( ~ 6-7 AM).

4)      Materialistic –

Money-Money-Money!! (A normal printed paper which we just ‘assume’ has a certain value).  Comforts/Luxury/Big house/Big Car/Gold , Silver & platinum (ultimately just metals!!)/Diamond/Travel/Party/Boozing/Fashion/Physical relation/Cosmetics/Shopping, etc.

Tips (Insights) – How to balance :   This shows ‘Money’ is just one of the things to be happy in life. Time won’t come back, money will…so invest your life wisely! Shop/ Borrow/ Party in your budget,avoid reckless-spending. Think smartly and keep trying to increase your revenues positively. Create more value in same efforts. Spend on those items which will give you long term satisfaction than just short term gains.

If possible adopt ‘Simple living high thinking’ approach. See how we can create a society where wealth is distributed equally among all citizens. Think about a new innovative approach using both  Gross National Happiness (GNH) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or Per-Capita Income as discussed in my previous post.

See its so simple! Its all about bit change in attitude/outlook towards life with some change in lifestyle.

Balance these things properly and be happy. Also, share this secret to others! 🙂

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