~ Royal & Romantic : Udaipur Lake Palace

Feel Royal, Feel Romantic!!…. Make you feel like a like a Royal Guest not a Visitor, like a Traveller not a Tourist!! This beautiful palace was build in 1746 by Mewar dynasty King Maharaja Jagat Singh as his summer (lake) palace in the middle of lake Pichola at ancient Udaipur City in North-West part of India called State of Rajasthan. After restoration in 1971 by Tata group’s Taj Resorts and Palaces    , it is now preserved as prestigious 5 star “Taj Lake Palace Udaipur”. Palace is most iconic hotel in the world which also received international awards.

Some Hollywood and Bollywood movies were also posturized here. The visitors includes many international celebrities, Kings, Queens and other eminent guests.

Watch this incredible experience from some guests!

  • Royal and Romantic – Udaipur Lake Palace Hotel

(Background music: Beautiful local folk song “Kesaria Balam, Padharoni Mharo des” from Movie Dor)

  •  Lake Palace tour (Kuoni Advt.)

  • Palace view from Dusk till Dawn

  • Inside Lake Palace (Clips from visitors)

  • Welcome to Rajasthan- Rajansthan Tourism

Off course visit to palace comes with heavy price! As per some comments from visitors, suite cost ranges from about ~ $800 – $5000+ depending upon season and type of suite! For more details visit official website of Taj Hotels : here. 

Also, see official Rajasthan Tourism website: here

Namaste _/\_ “Padhaaro Mhare Dess”  🙂 

(Welcome to my place!)

Image credit: :”en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Udaipur”

Sources: Taj group of hotels, Lake Palace, Rajasthan Tourism, Incredible India, Wikipedia, Google search, Youtube, and other hyper-links mentioned in the post.


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