~ Summer ‘Holi’ Party : New Trend @ UK/Europe

Summer ‘Holi‘ parties are becoming more popular and crowd puller events (outside India) in recent years. Holi festival  is traditionally celebrated in spring for Unity in Diversity, Universal Happiness, promoting Togetherness and Celebrating life with Colours (Read – Holi party new rage in Britain). People throw different coloured powder (generally made up of flower petals and certain plant leaves) in the air and on each other followed by music & open air mass dance party. Sometimes, it is followed by coloured water or simple water/shower, a kind of coloured water rain/shower dance party to beat summer heat 😀

Such Holi parties are regularly organized by HoliOne Organization ; almost whole year (nothing to do with Holi festival as per Indian calendar) at many cities in countries like  France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, UK, USA, Spain, Czech Republic, Brasil, Costa Rica, South Africa (Visit official website of organizer in your city via internet search or ask local tourist office).

Holi One Colour Festival in August 2013

HoliOne at Lubeck 2013

Holi One Festival Cape Town 2013

Note: This is not an advertisement for any organization or person or event. I got this news from Newspaper article and this is just a normal personal post. I am not an organizer nor I will. You can search on internet about such events and get more information from official website about; the event, colour power they are using, type of clothing, safety and health, entry fee, ticket booking, other travelling information, do-n-don’ts, etc by yourself. This site is not responsible for any such events and issues. It is readers responsibility to collect more information and verify before attending such events.

Other references/related news:

Yes, We Are ONE!!


Sources: Google search, Timesofindia, HoliOne page, Wikipedia, Ibtimes, Boston, ReportTage, Facebook, Vimeo clips , Youtube, and other hyperlinks mentioned in the post.Image credit-Wikipedia


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