~ Mumbai Dabbawala (Tiffin) Service: System That Challenged Six-Sigma Management Standards!

Mumbai Dabbawala is world’s most efficient (tiffin supply chain) delivery service.   Just 5000 Dabbawallas (persons) every day collects & deliver over 200,000 lunch boxes at DIFFERENT  locations and return back empty tiffin from where it was collected (over 400,000 transactions per day) with zero or less than one mistake (99.999999 accuracy)  i.e. beating Six-Sigma Standards without using any technology/computers and high skilled management executives!!


Mumbai Dabbewala Busy In Boarding Tiffin Boxes At Local Train

Dabbawala (‘Dabba’ means Tiffin in local  Marathi language and ‘wala’ means person) service, is awarded ISO 9001:2001 for quality management system standards and also received many national/International awards.

Dabbawalas do this job as Seva/Sewa , Inexpensive Selfless Service to Community and therefore they are respected in society.

Most of the Dabbawala have just high school certificates and not even a degree! They are successful on the basis of their Jugaad Innovation , discipline, common faith, team work, selfless service attitude(seva), helping each other, time management, hard work, using available resources, finding solutions to local challenges, and amazing business instincts.

Dabbawala never used any hi-fi management techniques, MBA executives, or books. Actually its the other way, now a days many reputed Business/Supply Chain Management institutes from India or Abroad are studying and training their executives to learn from Dabbawala using Computers and Technologies!!

Harvard university (Mumbai’s model of service excellence)  ,Cornell university (Mumbai Dabbawala Network)  and other reputed international institutes have already recognized it as excellent management and team work service.

Therefore, it’s just a myth that only reputed university management graduate can be a successful businessman, entrepreneur or service/supply chain executive!! Isn’t it??

Watch Short Documentary by Siemens on Mumbai Dabbawala

More information about History, Organization,  service, how they work and cost:

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Image credit: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dabbawala”

Sources: Mumbai Dabbawalla website, Google Search, Youtube, Siemens company Youtube playlist, Wikipedia, Slide share, HBR, Cornell , and other hyperlinks in the post


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