~ Ganesh Festival Special : “Modak” (Indian Sweet) Recipe

Each festival has its unique sweet dish in India. Modak (pyramid shaped stuffed with dry fruits) is a simple & delicious Indian Sweet to be made during Ganesh Festival (Chaturthi). It is considered as favourite food of lord Ganesha , so offered (total 21 Modaks every prayer) daily for 10 days long festival as Prasad (Blessed food) to each devotee after prayers.

However, you can cook Modak as per your appetite! There are basically two types of recipes for Modak, one by frying and other bit difficult one by steam (called as ‘Ukdiche Modak’ in local Marathi language).

1. Fried Modak Recipe (Via Rajshri)

2. Ukdiche (Steamed) Modak Recipe (Via Rajshri)

Modak Pictures:


Fried Modak Offered as Prasad (Blessed Food)


Inside Fried Modak (After Ready)


Ukdiche (Steamed) Modak after ready. Offered in Traditional Banana Leaves

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Image credit: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modak”

Sources: Youtube, Rajshri videos, Wikipedia, Google search, and other mentioned link in the post.


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