~ ‘MAHABHARAT’ is Back!

Mahabharat (biggest epic of ancient India based on life of Krishna (dated- 19 July 3228 BCE to 3102 BCE) is BACK!! This time at much Bigger Scale & using all latest hi-tech animation. Starting from 16th Sept 2013 at 8:30 PM (IST) on Star Plus TV channel (Hindi language) in India & from 17th march 2014 on AN TV (an.tv) Indonesian TV!

During 1988-90, Mahabharata TV series was made by Director B. R Chopra, which was a huge hit. This old MAHABHARAT TV Series with ENGLISH Subtitles can be found @ Rajshri Youtube Channel here

New Mahabharata TV series is being made with new efforts and using latest available information about the characters after extensive research; along with current advance technology to get a feel of spectacular journey of Krishna!

Mahabharat TV serial Trailer with English Subtitles (Via Mitraj Parmar)

[Watch full scree & Change language subtitles using button at right side of clip]

Introduction to Characters – ‘Mahabharata’ Theatrical at Star Plus TV

Mahabharata on Indonesian TV – AN TV from 17th March onwards


Mahabharata starting on AN TV -Indonesia from 17th MArch 2014. Photo.screenshot an.tv

Watch full Episodes online:

  • Watch Other Mahabharata & Ramayan Epics in all languages @HERE

Official sources : Though serial is in Hindi but you can find information in English here

Wallpapers (Star Plus TV): Know the characters from Mahabharata

Lord Krishna : A Vishnu Avatar



Arjun : A Great Warrior & Krishna Devotee / One of 5 Pandava brothers



Draupadi :Arjuna’s Wife


Satyavati: Ambitious lady


Satyavati, Gandhari, Draupadi : 3 important ladies


Kunti : Arujuna’s (5 brothers i.e Pandavas) Mother


Shakuni : One of main Villains


Duryodhan : Main Villain ( One of Kaurava brothers )






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Image credit: Star Plus TV official Facebook Page “facebook.com/OfficialMahabharat”

Sources: Star Plus TV youtube playlist, Rajshri, Facebook, Google search, Wikipedia, and other links in the post.


28 thoughts on “~ ‘MAHABHARAT’ is Back!

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  2. I am A Hindu… and very enjoy and like Mahabharata (also Ramayana). I lived in Indonesia…. When this new Mahabharata TV series can show in Indonesia TVs?


    • Hi there Indonesian friend! Thank you for visiting my blog & comment…Yes, Ramayana & Mahabharata are very influential scriptures, which guides us in daily life…Hope serial producer will soon provide official videos with English subtitles/dubbing @ star plus website or @YouTube channel… it will help to take these ancient scriptures to the vast global audience…keep in touch…cya


  3. this is great,big ang lovely story,we all love this,ferfecto for antv, but time forlive on tv is 11:00am,that is not ferfect time for watching tv,could that time remove to 8/9 pm.


    • Hi, thank you for your visit and comment…..Yeah, 11 AM is a strange timing!!…if TRP will be good, may be they will change it to Prime time (evening)….Also, hope Indonesian episodes too will be released online officially…keep posted..cya,


  4. i love this movie since i was very young, glad you make the new version!!
    i need to download the series coz i will be in office when it played in tv, anybody help me? i watch the youtobe-GOD all episodes available but no subtitle:((
    thank you


  5. i love the opening show :D,
    sadly there’s no subtitle in english. so, didnt watch the whole episode.
    just hoping google will give me “fansub” result next month :p


    • Hi, Thank you for visit & comment…Mahabharata always gets good response worldwide…Hope it will be released soon with Eng subs for international viewers…Keep posted..cya


  6. Just started 2 days ago. And tonight is the 3rd episode. Quite satisfy with the Indonesian dubbing. But it would be better in original language and translate it to english. Tried to look forward in google for eng sub, but no luck so far. Probably they haven’t release the eng sub yet. Overall, I loved this movie so bad!


    • Hi, thank you for comment & info….finally Indonesian friends will enjoy this great epic in their own language 🙂 hopefully English subtitles soon…keep visiting..cya


  7. Where can i find the subtitle of this serial ? I’ve tried to find it but i got nothing. Please share me the subtitle either english or indonesian.


  8. Good job everyone, I enjoy wacthing Mahabarata On ANTV Indonesia

    Hope that there are more religion or epic history movies around the globe is freely aired on TV,

    by knowing the history we will respect each other


  9. haloo…
    my name endra, an indonesia people
    iam very glad to watch Mahabharata starplus
    i was download for 125 episode.. but i really need
    subtitle.. can you help me..and give me the Link for download subtile as srt..(only subtitle no movie)
    thanks b4 and hope you respon



  10. Hello admin,
    I’m Indonesian and love to watch Mahabharata and Ramayana epic. In Indonesia I could watch them performed by leather puppet. But I can’t understand the story because it’s held with very polite Javanese language. I’m not good in Javanese language tough..
    Then, I’m so happy to see that i can watch it on ANTV at 8.30 PM. But sadly, i can’t stay for every episode. I downloaded all episode from Youtube, but those in Hindi language, and no subtitle hahahaha.. poor me 😀

    So in the name of all Indonesian, we are awaiting for English or Bahasa subtitle for every episode. See ya! 😉


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