~ What is Yajna (Fire ritual)?

Yajna (Yadnya or Homa) , means Spirit of self-scarifies not motivated by attachments to the results, is a Fire ritual of Sanskrit prayers and mantra chanting by offering herbals in the Holy Fire (Agni). Yajna ultimately consists of self-less action done with the devotion of spirit and without regard of the fruits of those actions. It tells the happy acceptance of all our actions.

You will find it during Hindu Wedding or Festivals where Host couple or individual or families together performing this ritual. Watch following clip to understand what is Yajna, which is also described in brief below as text.

Significance of Yajna:

Vasana (Behavioural tendency) –> Lasting Mental Impressions –> Action —> Desire –> Product of Attachment

So ,life becomes a less productive cycle of “Desire/Ego –> Actions –> Vasanas–> back to Desire/Ego”.

Yajna –> overcomes Vasanas and thus breaks the above cycle.

Yajna brings inner satisfaction to those who perform them , but also helps condition of mind to reach a stage where it is ready to receive ultimate spiritual truth.

5 types of Yajna To Be Preform in Daily Life:

Although, Yajna can be done many ways , here are 5 great Yajnas (Panchmaha Yadnya) to be performed by individuals regularly (which are mentioned in the clip below):

  1. Brahma (Self) Yajna : Mediations/ Spiritual Studies/Understanding Vedic Wisdom/Vedas/Reading Mantras & shokas every morning/ Chanting Gayatri mantra at early moring

  2. Deva (God) Yajna: Self scarifies or Giving / Performing Havan or Homa /Sandya / Agnihotra

  3. Pitri (Parents) Yajna: Appreciating and respecting those who helped in life

  4. Atithi (Guest) Yajna:Athiti devo bhava”i.e. Treat guest life God/make guest comfortable

  5. Balivaishwa DeV (Helping those who are in need) Yajna : Self-less action

What is Yajna?

Yajna Photos:

Live a life of Yajna, dedicated to the service of others and realize most humbler and spiritual you!


Hindu Brahmin (Priest) Performing Yajna



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