~ Cultural Diversity, Togetherness and Inclusiveness : Song That Represents India

Not only a beautiful romantic song “Bas Tum Tak” (till you alone),about teenager’s ‘unconditional’ love (immature, innocent, dumb) feelings,  but also represents India, a typical town where people from diverse cultures/communities/religions live together & celebrate festivals, togetherness and inclusiveness. Raanjhanaa (2013),definitely one of  must watch movies from Indian Cinema!

Interestingly, this song (& movie) also represents inclusiveness, fusion and togetherness in many other ways, see below:


Raanjhanaa (2013) Movie Wallpaper

Indian Cinema Inclusiveness: Sonam Kapoor (Actress), daughter of Slumdog Millionaire fame Mr. Anil Kapoor  is from Hindi Film Industry (Bollywood) and  Dhanush (Actor) is from Tamil film Industry .This film is one of successful fusion attempts of inter-film industries in India!

Mr. Dhanush is a big star , good actor and also singer of World famous Tamil song “Why This Kolavari Di” ,Youtube’s one of highest viewed songs with over 71 million hits (See Kolavari Di song here).

Watch Raanjhana (2013) movie for his acting skills where he is playing role of a teenage boy who has one-sided unconditional Love with a girl and ready to make any scarifies for her without receiving anything in return.

Shades of Indian Life: Friendships, Love, Faith, Spirituality , Family, Brother-sister bonding, Teenage (carefree, immature, innocence) life, Influence of Bollywood/movies on society.

Festivals (showing togetherness/diversity) : Holi , Kite festivals

Music Inclusiveness: Fusion of  Indian Classical Music, Raga and western music

Instrument Inclusiveness: Indian classical & Western instruments

Dance: Indian classical dance (fusion of feelings of a lover through dance steps)

Watch full song – Bas Tum Tak (via Official Eros Now)

Image credit: “hdwallpapers.in/raanjhanaa-wallpapers.html”

Sources: Eros Now, Eros Entertainment company, Youtube, Wikipedia, Google search, Bollymeaning, and other links mentioned in the post.


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