~ Inspirational: What is a Business??

Business is all about People (your customers, employees & those who are helping you); their emotions/feelings/aspirations and not about just Numbers (Profit, Targets, Achievements, etc)!! An inspirational speech from an ex-employee (Mr. Rocket Singh) to his ex-company owner; who also took over (hostile) his new start-up; but later failed to capitalize on it due to wrong business practices.

Scene theme and English Translation of talks is given below the clip.

Rocket Singh-Salesman of the year  movie and character of Mr. Rocket Singh, played by Ranbir Kapoor , will definitely motivate young Entrepreneurs and Salesmen to move forward & follow their heart.

Also, in the era of Greed and Selfishness followed by economic crisis worldwide, we need more Businessmen like Mr. Rocket Singh, who believes in business ethics and morality for success.

Watch inspirational scene from ‘Rocket Sing Salesman of The year’

Scene theme: Nice scene between an honest & hardworking Ex- employee (Salesman i.e. Mr. Rocket Singh) and his Shrewd & Rude Ex-company owner. Company owner forcefully took over start-up of his ex-employee (Mr. Rocket sing & friends) just because he was growing fast (Big fish killing small fish). But, later owner found that all customers from Rocket Singh’s company are habituated with good business ethics and could not go ahead with old company’s non-ethical & non-attractive business practices. Also, old company don’t have that dedication, honesty, sense as that of Mr. Rocket Singh (& his 4 friends).

So, old company failed to succeed even after hostile take over of new growing company. At last, the old company company’s owner got frustrated and failed in handling all business. In this scene, ex-owner was trying to put Mr. Rocket Singh down and insult him. Finally, he returns Mr. Rocket Singh’s company back to him and asked about secret of his business success. Mr. Rocket Singh gave him following answer:

What is a (secret of) Business?

Mr. Rocket Singh (English Translation): “While working as a salesman; I got to know that business is not about tricks  or scheme or magic…It’s all about People, Employee and Customers, those work with you and are part of your business. But, you could never see people; all you could see was just Numbers- who achieved what figures, who broke which sales targets.

Since school I was weak in numbers and I could see only people- who is sad, who is happy, who is good in which work, who is happy doing which kind of work.

You want to know the magic (secret) of my business success? When people (employee/customers) are happy, the numbers (targets, profit) automatically goes up!

Because, business is not about numbers, Business is all about People, only people!

You took over (hostile) my company, no worries. But, you can’t take away what I have learnt in this process and I can start 10 new companies with that experience/knowledge, and will definitely do that in future. But what you will do Sir?

Whatever you knew is all failed in this process (of destroying my company!). Now, what you will do with your knowledge of just following numbers?

All I wanted was a chance in your company and you didn’t even give me that. Now, the way you are offering me (to come back), I don’t want it!

Wish me best of luck Sir. I could not be like you (big businessman), but I became a (real) Man!  I will see you in the field (competition) one day“

I feel this movie was released slightly ahead of its time. This should have released this year or so. Beacause, many young employee of India (or abroad) are trying to become an entrepreneur or own a start-ups. This movie will motivate them.

Simple, Sweet, Sensible and Inspirational movie, a must watch Indian movie, especially; for upcoming entrepreneurs and salesmen!

To all Salesman (& new entreprenures) out there, this song is dedicated to you ! You can feel connected to rocket Singh’s situation. Listen this half English, Half Hindi song. Feel connected!

 Pocket Mein Rocket (Rocket in my Pocket) – Fun filled Song (Via YRF)



Ranbir Kapoor in Movie ‘Rocket Singh -Salesman Of The Year’ (2009)


Bollywood Actor Mr. Ranbir Kapoor

Image credits: “www.movietalkies.com/movies/wallpaper/std/11449/19538/rocket-singh-%E2%80%93-salesman-of-the-year” and “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ranbir_Kapoor.jpg”

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