~ Significance of Meditation

Understand Mind, Human Body, Breathing, Soul, Peace, Consciousness, Stillness (Calm), Behaviour through Meditation…Watch how Meditation was started & what are its benefits in today’s life…Mind & Memory needs rest and Meditation (Dhyana) is the deepest rest of all; giving you incredible amounts of Energy!!

Ancient Indian Scientist/Scholars (Yogi /Rishi /Yogini) discovered something very deep about Human Body, Mind and Consciousness through Meditation, which is given below (also watch clip):

  • Way you BREATH affects how you FEEL…

  • Way you EAT affects the way you THINK…

  • Meditation helps you to  Hear, See and Feel the world (Vision) more purely!

  • Improves performance in your  work, study, and other critical mind activities, especially; understanding deep secrets of life

  • Meditation is universal

“To Open Your Eyes; Sometimes You Have To Close Them!!”

We are all connected, start creating the better world by simply closing our eyes and Meditating -feel the deeper connection with yourself.

When you feel Good, you treat other Better and Cycle continues. It will help to create better society, a better peaceful and happy world.

This is how ancient Hindu scientists/scholars showed path of Peace, Joy and Happiness  by focusing on Mind & Breath through daily meditation practice.

These are some of the Wisdom quotes  discussed nicely in the clip – Meditation- Ancient age and now” below.

Watch this nice and creative animation from Yes Plus, an initiative of Art of Living ,one of the world’s largest non-governmental organization founded by Mr. Shri Shri Ravishankar .

For more details visit Art of Living @ YouTube , Twitter and Facebook 

Meditate & Feel Connected To Yourself & the World around!




Yogi Doing Kapalbhati (Pranayam) Yoga. Source:Wikipedia

Image credit: YesPlus Meditation clip & Wikipedia

Sources: Art of Living foundation , YesPlus, Wikipedia, Google search ,and all the hyper-links provided in the post.


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