~ Dholavira-India: Discovery of Ancient 4700 Years Old City

250 acres size ancient (2650 BCE) well-planned Hindu City called Dholavira was discovered by J.P.Jodhi at Gujarat State in 1967-8. City had planned Houses, Market, Dam, Water Channels, Water Tanks, Underground Drainage system, a sport stadium of 10000 sitting capacity, dedicated roads with Sign-boards, Costal route for trade, Language texts,etc (watch clips below). Actual excavation has started since 1990 by Archaeological Survey of India.

It was not just planned modern city but metal things that were recovered also proved that since 4700  years (or before) Hindu people knew how to extract metals and make Gold/Copper/Bronze/Silver items.

Various materials were found in excavation like – Jars, cooking pots, Bronze -hammer/chisel/mirror, Gold -wire/ear stud/globules with holes, Copper – Celts/bangles, etc. See more details of recovered items here

Fore many photos and details visit HERE

Watch NDTV documentary on Dholavira and other nearby visiting sites Rani Ki Vav  and Sun Temple at Modhera  in following clip

Dholavira documentary at NDTV

Inside Dholavira City (Via kunzum)

Bailey – the residential complex at Dholavira

Underground Drainage System at Dholavira

Water Reservoir at Dholavira

Remnants of Dholavira Civilization

Dholavira Excavation Photos:

Dholavira site


4700 Years old Dholavira City Site

Dholavira City Layout


Dholavira city Layout

Dholavira (Indus) Script

Indus script-Dholavira-gi

Indus (ancient Hindu) Script found at Dholavira City

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Image credits: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dholavira”

Sources: NDTV news, IndiaVideos.org, Google search, Wikipedia, Youtube, and all other links in the post.


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