~ NavRatri Celebration: Nine Nights For Mother Goddess Durga

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Mother Goddess Durga symbolizes a  supreme power (Shakti ) which resets Positivity , Prosperity , Peace within us & in society around by removing/conquering all Negativity. Its time to surrender yourself towards Ultimate Energy source/Universe Creator and ask for Blessing to remove Negativity  / Vasanas /Greed / Selfishness / Jealousy / Wildness / Evil within us and set up Positivity/Strength/Courage/Wisdom to solve our problems & help us to live a happy life.

On 10th day there is celebration called Dashahara or  Vijayadashami , which symbolizes victory of Positivity over Negativity.

Also, a time to say Thank you & Good Bye to Mother Goddess Durga for her presence & bliss  so that she will come back again next year to bless us.

Let’s pray to  supreme source – Durga to stay in our Heart and Guide us further…..

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|| Jai Maa Durga ||

|| Jai Maa Durga ||

O Mother (Maa) Durga,….

We Thank you for arriving our Home (Heart) & accepting our Hospitality

O Shakti , Bless us Vision to spread Positivity, Peace & Prosperity Worldwide

Enlighten our Mind to find Good Purpose To Our Life

Nourish us to understand the Ultimate Truth & Wisdom

Provide us Knowledge to find Positive Paths

Fill us with Sense to avoid any Negative action

Flood our heart with Love & Sense of Belonging

Guide us to foster Joy & Happiness in the world

Give us Strength to handle all Problems

Help us grow Compassion to include everyone (Human/Animals/Plants/Nature)

Forgive us if we unknowingly did anything wrong

Pump enough Courage within us to walk on this difficult road

Take us to the ultimate journey of positive Karma & Dharma

O the great Shakti , accept our request to rule our Heart ,Mind & Soul forever

|| Jai Maa Shakti ||

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 Goddess Durga Festival Celebration photos:


Woman Worshiping (Putting Sindoor) Goddess Durga


Goddess Durga at Community Pandal


Durga Puja at Kolkata


Maa Shakti/Durga

maa durga-gi

Bengal Durga Puja


Statue of Durga Mahisashuramardini,Shiva temple, Prambanan, Central Java, Indonesia


Durga Statue at mahabalipuram

bengal durga-puja-gi

Establishing Goddess Durga at Pandal during 10 days long festival : Devotees decorate idol with Beautiful Saris, Jewellery & Flowers

Image Credits: “cm-wallpaper.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/3d-wallpaper-of-maa-durga-uoq1bnve.jpg” , “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vijayadashami”, “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durga”, and ” wallpaperswala.com/durga-puja/”

Sources: Google search, Wikipedia, and all other links mentioned in the post.


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