~ Keep your DREAMS alive, no matter how Long it takes…

Do not leave your Passion…your Dream…your ultimate Goal in life…Real meanings of your existence on the Earth…..Keep following it…No matter how hard it is…No matter how long it takes….Just walk Walk walk & keep walking…

One day you’ll definitely reach your Destination…One  day you will find the Bliss you were waiting for so long.

Translation of Beautiful Song ‘Fir Dekhiye’ (Then see the transformation within):

You are Happy if you’ve  Dreams in your Eyes…

You are Happy if you’re  impatient to follow your Dreams…

Give some goal…some meaning to your Life…

Then See…how it gives purpose to your journey.

If you have some Song (Dream) on your Lips (Life)…

then even if you lose,there is a sense of victory (bliss) in it…

Whatever Heart wishes…whichever song (Dream) you’ve in Heart…

Just try to Sing (fulfil) it…Then  See (how it transforms you).

If you have someone/something in your memories,

like a beautiful Dream (fantasy),

then engage your Heart in that ….Then See

Build up such thoughts…listen such Song,

choose this flower of Happiness….

Then wait n See (how it transforms you)……

If there is a  Dreams in your eyes,Keep it alive….Keep ‘Magik’ alive…

Watch Fir Dekhiye (Then See) song from movie Rock On (2008) – Via ExcelMovies

Story (movie) Theme: 4 best friends – Adi ( Farhan Akhtar) , Joe (Arjun Rampal) , Rob (Luke Kenny), KD (Purab Kohli) had a similar passion to form their own Band – “Magik” …when they were close to fulfil their dream something dramatically happened and they fought & broke-up with each other…Not only their passion ,their dreams were shattered but their life too….Although, they move on from this tragedy and now living their respective life separately….

But they are not happy…they miss their old friends and their “common childhood Dream” of forming a successful music Band together…

Keep Magik Alive

Keep your Dreams alive…..Keep ‘Magik’ alive – A still from Bollywood movie Rock On (2008)

After getting married to one of singer from band Mr. Adi, his wife Sakshi (Prachi Desai) always feels something is missing in her husband’s life and their married life…he is not happy even tough he is now rich & successful banker….To understand her husband better, she tries to peep in to husband’s past life and discovers his childhood passion to become a singer and form a band with his 4 old best friends.

She decides to reunite these four friends anyhow….so that they all can fulfil their childhood dream , no matter it is so late in their life…also to put smile on their face 🙂 ….to put joy, happiness , satisfaction and meaning back in their life…..finally after going through many difficulties….they all made it!.

They reunite, no matter very late in their life, but they fought for their Childhood Dream & ultimately they won! (Now watch above clip again, this is a nice climax/final scene of movie Rock On!)

Always “ROCK ON” &  Keep “MAGIC” within you Alive!!

  • More about Movie Rock On (2008) @ Wikipedia and @ IMDB (7.7 rating).
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Image Credit: A still from song

Sources: Google search, Wikipedia, Rock On movie, Excel Movies, Youtube, and all other links in the post.


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