~ Yoga Rave : Listen Famous ‘Krishna Govinda’ Theme

Yoga Rave Parties, Art Of Living (Argentina group) initiative,  are Non-Alcoholic ,Non-Tobacco celebrations, which are not only inclined towards Health, Stress-free life, Joy & Happiness but also help to attend Bliss through Soothing Music Vibrations, Dance, Devotional Songs, Mantra,Yoga & Mediation. In short, Fun & Bliss without morning hangover!

Lyrics ( via comment from Mr. Padmanaban VK at Youtube clip) :

Krishna Govinda…….Govinda..Govinda… (twice)

Govinda shyamaradha krishna (twice)

Govinda Govinda paramaa-nandha a…ananadhaa… ( twice)

Gana shayama ananda krishnaaa….. (Twice)

Madhuradanama krishna mana mohanama Krishna… (twice)

Ragava… Keshava… Yadho nandha nandha nandha…..

Repeat & Retreat!!

How “Yoga Rave -So What Project” has Started?

Music composers and performers Mr.  Nicolas Pucci and Mr. Rodrigo Bustos from Argentina,Art of Living volunteers, stared these Non-Alcoholic, Non- Tobacco Yoga Rave parties to spread message of Health with Music/Dance/ Yoga/Meditation/Bhajan/Mantra chanting.

Many of their songs are huge hit including “Krishna Govinda. Now, they perform world-wide. Recently they launched their new album ‘Blossom”.

More about Project What  @ Official artofliving.org/party-goers-head-yoga-rave and @ Facebook

About Art Of Living Foundation:


Shri Shri Ravishankar , a Spiritual leader & founder of Art Of Living Foundation. Photo-Wikipedia

  • Founded in 1981 by Mr. Shri Shri Ravishankar,PhD, a Spiritual Guru

  • Operational in 152 countries and ‘touched’ lives  of over 350 million people

  • Motto – Life is a Celebration!

  • World’s largest Non-for-profit, Non-religious, Non-Governmental ,Educational & Humatarian service organization

  • Helps Stress-Free life, Stress Management, attend Joy and happiness

  • Has developed innovative stress-free practices like  Sudarshan Kriya Yoga & Meditation

  • Promotes World Peace & Togetherness through ‘One World Family” concept

More details @  Facebook  and Official website @ artofliving.org

Listen Yoga Rave Song “Krishna Govinda” (Via ARtOfLiving TV)

Krishna Govinda’ with Shri Shri Ravishankar & crowd of 150,000 in Argentina

Pictures: “Yoga Rave – So What” Live Performance by Mr.  Nicolas Pucci and Mr. Rodrigo Bustos

AOL-yoga rave-So what project-gi

AOL-so what-Yoga rave-gi

blossom-so what-gi

so what-gi

Image credit: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ravi_Shankar_(spiritual_leader)” and So What Project (Art Of Living) @facebook.com/sowhatproject

Sources: Art Of Living, So What Project, youtube, Wikipedia, Google search, Facebook, Twitter,  and all other links mentioned in the post.


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