~ Big In Bollywood ….Chatur’s Story!

This man is enough to put a Big Smile 🙂 on your face & take you back to some hilarious memories in your life, scenes from movie “3 Idiots” (with Rating 8.2, movie belongs to club of all time top 250 movies at IMDB), which is also   a most watched Bollywood movie by international audience! He is Mr. Omi Vaidya , an American-Indian actor, known as ‘Chatur’ after his hilarious performance in movie 3 idiots!.

3 idiots movie is most favourite Indian movie abroad and dubbed or subtitled in many international languages. Definitely, one of the movie you won’t mind to watch again & again 🙂

Watch more about movie ‘3 Idiots’ @ YOUTUBE @ IMDB @ Wikipedia @ Facebook

‘Big In Bollywood’ is an award winning documentary on Mr. Omi Vaidya about his struggle from L.A. to Bollywood star. Watch trailer below:

Trailer ” Big In Bollywood”- Mr. Omi Vaidya’s journey

Photos: ‘Chatur Mahalingam’ a.k.a. ‘Silencer’ a.k. a. Mr. Omi Vaidya


Actor Omi Vaidya in Movie 3 Idiots (2009)


A funny scene from movie 3 idiots (2009)

3 idiot-wallpaper-gi

3 idiots Movie wallpaper . Photo- sulekha.com

Image credit: Stills from given clip , Wallpaper@ “movies.sulekha.com/hindi/3-idiots/wallpapers/1024/image25772.htm”

Sources: Wikipedia, 3 idiot movie page, google search, IMDB, sulekha webpage, youtube, Facebook pages, and all other links mentioned in the post. Note: YouTube clips are uploaded by unknown user and not by me. I ‘ve just shared links that can be found using google search on hosting site, youtube. Copyrights are reserved to original creator.


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