~ Pumpkin Curry / Soup Recipes

Pumpkins are visible everywhere in the market , also due to Halloween  . Then why not learn (watch total 12 recipes/videos) to make delicious Pumpkin Indian / Thai Curry , Soup, Dal, Sweet Dish (Halwa)!! Here are some nice & simple homemade Pumpkin Curry/Soup Recipes that you can serve to your friends, relatives and guests!

Pumpkin & sweet Potato Curry (Via CookingwithKarma)

Pumpkin Masala Curry (by VEhchef)

Dani’s homemade Sri-lankan style Pumpkin Curry

Pumpkin Curry (By Healthymeals123

Pumpkin Curry (Kerala Style) – Via Mallika Viswanathan

Pumkin Dal (Lentil) – By Rithika/IndiaFoodnetwork

Green Pumkin Curry (By Sandra Rupan)

Thai Pumkin & Coconut Curry (Via FreeYogaVideos)

Spicy Pumkin Soup (Via CookingWithkarma)

Pumkin Apple Halwa (Sweets) Via Veh Chef

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pumpkins

Sources: Youtube, Wikipedia, google search, and all hyperlinks in the post.


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