~ Side Effects of Love!

Listen this beautiful Indo-Western fusion music, a nice fusion of Indian Classical Ragas/folks and Western style music, from Bollywood movie Pyar Ke Side Effects (2006) means  Side Effects of Love . Also, see some of funny side effects of love below 🙂

Love has side effects & things becomes more complicated if an Ordinary, Unemployed,  ‘Unsuccessful Struggler’ Guy & Rich, Hot, ‘Successful Struggler’ Girl loves each other!!

This is a romantic comedy story of an average unemployed  Mumbai Guy Mr. Sid, who also scares to marriage/commitment and a rich successful Delhi girl Ms. Trisha .


Actor Rahul Bose in Pyar Ke side Effects (2006)

Here are some of Side effects of Love ( also showed in movie):

  • You start doing stupid & dumb things 😛

  • Even if you are terrible dancer, you’ve to dance just to please her! 😀

  • You become possessive / obsessed (strange feeling which you’ve never experienced before)

  • You become more useless / loose focus from goals 😐

  • You don’t feel to stay long in college/office anymore

  • Now you don’t have much time for your best friends/family, still you don’t’ feel guilty!

  • You become more shameless 🙂

  • Love disturbs your routine (bachelor) life

  • Mind is always in some deep thinking phase

  • You go away from day-to-day reality

  • Starts lying even to dear ones , which you’ve never done before! 😐

  • You are in your own world, away from whats happening around

  • You are a changed person (turns good or bad)

  • You’ve to convince your/her parents & give critical answers to all  complicated queries! 😐

  • Emotional outbursts becomes routine 😦

  • You start Smiling and Talking to yourself in public or even when alone 😀

  • You no longer fantasize your favourite movie stars

  • Head is always occupied by ‘hatke’/ different / unnecessary thoughts

  • You realize someone else is more important for you than yourself! 🙂


Its Complicated – Ordinary guy Mr. Sid & Rich successful Ms.Trisha . Photo:glamsham.com

About Song/Movie:

Song – Jaane Kya Chahe Man (Don’t know what heart wants)
Album/ Movie :  Pyar Ke Side Effects (2006)
Movie theme: Romntic Comedy
Music: Pritam
Singer Zubeen Garg
Actors: Rahul Bose , Mallika Sherawat
Song Label : T-Series
Producer: Pritish Nandy

Image credits: “glamsham.com/download/wallpaper/4536/pyaar-ke-sideeffects-wallpapers/8830.htm” and still from clip

Sources: Google search, Glamsham, T-series, Pritish Nandi, Wikipedia, Facebook and all other links mentioned in the post.


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