~ A Romantic Musical Journey of Two Singers….

A beautiful romantic musical journey of two professional singers (Ms. Aarohi  & Mr. Rahul)….who are moving  totally opposite directions to each other in their careers ; but trying hard to go together towards same direction in Love life!…Will they ever meet in middle & live a normal life together??

In today’s Greedy, Selfish & Self-centred world, how many Guys are there who will spoil their career just to build his Gal’s (lover) career??

How many Girls are on the earth who will give everything  (financial support too!) to her Guy (lover); sacrificing all personal  dreams??

Well, it sounds foolish (for practical person, who thinks from Brain)…& sounds Romantic (for emotional person, who thinks from Heart) !!

And, person who will think both by Heart & Brain will surely get CONFUSED!! 🙂

Watch full Romantic Musical journey through songs & dialogues (Hindi)

( Via – Ashiqui 2 movie songs, T-series release)

BTW, over 6 million hits in short period to this video tells its connection with viewer’s Heart & Brain! 😀


Sweet Couple : Mr Rahul (Actor Aditya Roy Kapoor) & Ms Aarohi (Actress Sraddha Kapoor) in Ashiqui 2 (2013)

Image credits: Still from clip (via T-series)

Google search : Aashiqui 2 movie, T-series, Google serch , Wikipedia , Bollymeaning and all other links mentioned in the post.


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