~ World’s First Artificial Womb (Test Tube / Cloning) Baby Birth 5000 Years Ago(?) !!

Birth of Kaurava brothers outside mother Gandhari’s womb due to some delivery complications, making artificial egg like womb by great Scientist Rishi Vyasa  , using biochemicals / herbals (Nutrients) & developing foetus in special earthen pots with controlled temperatures inside underground cave , provides  indications that people during Mahabharata era ( Krishna’s Birth,dated 19th July 3228 to  17/18th Feb – 3102 BCE) were aware of Artificial womb or Test Tube or Cloning kind of techniques.

Dronacharya’s (Drona means pot, A-Charya means Scholar)  Birth in Earthen pot:

There is another reference to use of Cloning or Test tube or Artificial Womb kind of technique in same era by great Scholar/Scientist (Rishi) Bharadwaj, who gave birth to his son Drona-charya, who later became Royal Guru of Hastinapur kingdom (Kuru Dynasty) and teacher of Kuru princes –  Kauravas and Pandavas .

Read more about Drona-charya‘s birth – HERE

Ancient Hindu Scientific Techniques:

Ancient Hindus were Scientifically & spiritually very advanced. They have given many inventions to the world, apart from Yoga and Ayurveda. Explore my related posts to know more about India’s ancient scientific knowledge:

Mahabharata is mother of all stories in the world! If someone will make movie based on Mahabharata epic, it will probably  have 10 or more sequels, each of  3 hours durations to tell complete stories in detail, bigger than The Lord of The Rings saga 🙂

Such TV series will definitely give us many lessons in life , expand our knowledge/wisdom so that we would be able to differntiate what is right (Dharma) and wrong path (Adharma) in life. 

Birth of Kauravas through Artificial Womb (Test Tube / Cloning)

(Nice Sanskirt Mantra Chanting about Dharma & Adharma, Music by Ajay-Atul)

After great Satyamev Jayate TV series ,which has spread awareness in society , now Stat Plus TV is showing great ancient culture/wisdom through Mahabharata TV Series. 

Thank you Star Plus TV and team for all hard word for connecting new generation to great Vedic Wisdom that is available since ages but somehow we got diverted from original history of India due to – lack of understandings of Sanskrit language in which all Hindu Scriptures / Texts / Vedas / Upanishads / Epics were written, not able to passed it to next generation effectively due to various reasons, misconceptions, wrong historical facts & influence from outside India.

Watch full episodes of Mahabharata at Official Star Plus Website –>  starplus.in/mahabharat/episodes/ and @ Official Star Plus Youtube playlist .

Watch Episodes 25, 26 & 27 for this Artificial Womb / Test Tube / Cloning i.e. birth of Kauravas Story. 

Birth of 100 Kaurava Brothers through Artificial Womb (Test tube/Cloning) Technique (Via Star Plus TV) 


Kaurava’s Birth using Artificial Womb (Or Test Tube / Cloning) Photo : Star Plus TV


Curious Parents Mother Queen Gandhari & Father King Dritarastra

Doryodhan brth-gi

Birth of first Kaurava, elder brother (Duryodhana)


Mother Gandhari got excited after listening movement inside Artificial earthen Wombs

Artificail Womb -Eggs-Kaaurava Bith-Gi

Artificial Wombs Kept inside underground Cave Laboratory by Rishi Vyasa


Kaurava womb-gi


Hatching from Artificial Womb!

Image Credits: Stills from clip (Via – Star Plus TV)

Sources; Star Plus TV, Mahabharat Series, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, and all other links mentioned in the post.


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