~ Gandhian Engineering : Value for MANY, Not Just Value for Money!

Perfect solution for today’s Global Economic Crisis due to Selfishness & Greed /Consumerism  culture. Adopt Mahatma Gandhi(an) Engineering – Place  Compassion in the Heart & Passion in Mind…try to achieve MORE (Value) from LESS (Resources/Cost) ) for MORE (people)!! Think about Value for MANY, not just value for MONEY. 

How its different than Western thinking of High Cost/Resources is Better:

Attitude shown in the talk below is totally opposite to western thought of “Expensive / High Cost Means Better”…Any product or services or innovation which has developed using High  Cost and using lots of Resources (wastage)  is Best, it feels better, a perfect First World thing ….and you can sale at high cost worldwide, earn high profits and keep monopoly with you!

Anything which is developed in Low Cost and Optimum Resources..is considered as CHEAP , a 3rd world product!!  Even customer psyche has become like that too, buying high cost product is considered as a status symbol, a new social fad!

After listening to such talk (innovations), we need deep introspection about Capitalism /Materialistic / Profit oriented  attitude which is going through bad  economic crisis / recession  and dragging whole world since 2008!

Watch Indian scientist Dr. R.A. Mashelkar telling India’s breakthrough innovations in ultra-low cost products.

Dr. R.A. Mashelkar is a former head of CSIR-Govt. of India with many international awards from UK & USA for his research works.

His full Biodata @ TED talks @ Wikipedia

Popular TED Talk by Dr.R.A.Mashelkar

Watch Dr. R.A.Mashelkar at TED website

India’s Breakthrough Designs For Ultra-Low Cost Products

Watch more TED talks by Indian origin speakers:

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Mr. M.K.Gandhi weaving his cloths on Charkha ( Spinning Wheel):

There are enough resources on the earth for Human NEED , but not for Human GREED ~ M.K.Gandhi


Mr. M.K.Gandhi – Ambassador of Simplicity / Inclusiveness / Peace & Non-violence / Independence / Sustainability / Togetherness. Photo:Wallpaperswala

Image credit: “wallpaperswala.com/mahatma-gandhi/”

Sources: TED talks, Dr. R.A.Mashelkar, Wikipedia, Wallpaperwalla, Google search, and all links mentioned in the post.


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