~ Coexistence…

Picture really says thousand words!! God’s pictures or idols in Indian mythology  symbolizes Coexistence, Togetherness, Inclusiveness, Compassion, Healthy lifestyle, Peace & Happiness. Earth is not just for human colonies , other species do have right to live & flourish! It clearly suggests, if we maintain right attitude, Humans, Plants, Animals, Birds all species can live happily together..See this Radha-Krishna picture, which is giving same message since last  4500 years!!


Krishna & Radha : Symbolizing Coexistence, Inclusiveness , Togetherness , Peace & Happiness (Photo : http://www.globindian.wordpress.com)

All those  who visited India will understand this culture of coexistence with (Holy) Cows, Birds, Flowers and other typical trees like Tulsi & Bel plant around Indian Home.

See Ancient Vedic Wisdom in promoting culture of coexistence:

  • Man & Woman : Radha is a Krishna‘s devotee (not wife or lover), who dedicated her life to Krishna Bhakti (Devotion). Picture also symbolizes Men & Women can live together happily with Compassion, Respect , Simplicity, Understanding each other, & without fights! 😀

  • Art – Music & Dance: Krishna, a soothing flute player, calls everybody to Sing & Dance together. This symbolizes living in harmony , Togetherness, stress-free life & with Devotion of ultimate source. Life is a celebration, spend your time on the earth with Art / Compassion / Culture  /Healthy / Happy / Spiritual Way.

  • Animals, Birds & other species: Living in harmony with other species. Animal products Cow/Goat milk has health benefits. Even Cow’s urine (called Gomutra in Sanskrit) has unique property of not allowing bacteria/fungus to grow, after treatment is being used as sterilization/disinfectant, this was ancient (still used in villages)  floor cleaner!  

  • Holy Cow:  Cow’s milk ( and its by-products- cheese/ghee/butter/curd) not only has many health benefits, but also used as substitute for mother’s milk for toddlers. So, cow is respected and given stature of Holy Cow in India! Also,  Panchakavya – mixture of five products from cow (Dung, Urine, Milk, Curd & Ghee) in proper proportion, is being used as potent organic/natural Pesticide or stopping unwanted micro-organism growth since ages! See one cute animal not only protects our health but also our farms/food! So, Krishna loves cows 🙂

  • Trees/Plants & Fruits: Many trees such as Tulsi or basil , Bael/Bel/Bilva plant (used for Lord Shiva worship)  has medicinal properties and are being used in Indian Ayurveda (Herbal) Remedies since thousands of years.

  • Flowers: Flowers are daily used for idol worshiping/Garlands & also for fragrance .Flowers attracts insects & bees which  helps in pollination process, ultimately benefits tree eco-system to prosper. Honey , has many vital health benefits. Honey helps to purify our blood and good for staying young. Ayurveda uses Honey, typical fruits & flower power in Chayawanprash, an Indian herbal medicinal paste to stay young & longevity.

This is one of the reasons, why Sanatana  Dharma or Hindu & Buddhist culture encourages you to grow flowers & valuable plants with medicinal properties in your garden & utilize in daily diet for health benefits, being Vegetarian,  live with pets.  In short message is to live with nature, develop habit of Coexistence, Togetherness (rather than Individuality), Inclusiveness (than deciding separate rights for Human & animals/nature).

Living together in harmony along with nature should be your Karma , a simple definition of following Dharma (religion)!

Learning how to Coexist (with nature , multicultural conditions) is a secret Mantra for Love, Peace, & Happiness!

Photo credits: “decodehindumythology.blogspot.dk/2012/02/krishna-history-behind.html” and Globindian blog

Sources: google search, Wikipedia and other links mentioned in the post.


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