~ Understanding Basics of Puja (Worship/Prayers)

Puja (worship) is based on the philosophy of ‘Everything is Within You‘. ‘Worship daily & feel Divinity inside you!’ Everyday at early morning connect to inner source for few moments to feel Calm / Happy / Peaceful & start your day with Positive Energy. See quick 3 minute clip to understand how Hindus do Puja / Aarti (Prayers or Worship) at home daily or during festival. Puja encourages Togetherness in family & society around, Devotion, Spirituality, Stress-free mind, Positivity and Peace.

Puja / Worship can take approximately 15-20 minutes. As per the rituals (Hinduism believes start of the day at Sun rise not at mid night & end of the day at Sun set. Sun is source of our life on the earth), Puja should be done twice a daily at home with all family members together, each during Sunrise and Sun set.

If busy, then Puja can be performed individually as per one’s schedule or has option to visit nearby temple when free. Rituals in Hinduism are kept pretty flexile and customized to suit every individuals

Therefore (to suit everybody as per their wish & free time), many Hindu temples worldwide are open daily from early morning till late night all the year. No holidays to Gods!! 🙂

Those who are lazy, generally visit temple prayers during festival time! See clip , how to do Puja at home.

How to do Poja at home (Via Howcast)

In pictures: Puja Thali (Worship Plate & Accessories) & How to do Aarti


Puja Thali (Worship Plate)


Praying to Deity


Family Prayers Photo:Howcast


Performing Aarti (moving worship plate around idol with lamp) Clockwise, with Bell Rings & Chant Sanskrit Mantras according to Deity. Photo: Howcast

Image credit: Stills from Howcast clip

Sources: HowCast clips, Youtube, Google search, and all other links mentioned in the post.


3 thoughts on “~ Understanding Basics of Puja (Worship/Prayers)

  1. I’m greatly moved by this post because people taking time out to create such videos and that too about religious practices is like WOW. People don’t do that too often. I follow the same routine everyday. I use agarbatthies(incense sticks, dhups and cones) as well for aarti and pooja. The fragrance radiates a sense of positivity around you and helps you connect with your inner soul. Try it out sometime. 🙂


    • Hi, thank you for visit and glad you like my posts :)….Daily Pooja/Worship brings down stress/negativity and keep us calm/focus/positive for whole day, which increases daily productivity both at personal & professional front….The whole ambiance (as you’ve mentioned ) during Pooja is soothing and refreshing…Pooja with Sanskrit Mantra-chanting is very well designed scientific technique by ancient Hindu Rishis (scholars) , which shows depth of their knowledge in that era…This science is still relevant n will guide human mind to attain ultimate peace/calm/happiness/positivity in life…Keep posted…cya


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