~ In Pictures : India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan)

Today India successfully launched its ambitious & indigenous Mars Obiter Mission (Mangalyaan, Sanskrit word means Mars Safari),  & became 4th country after USA, Russia and Europeans. If successful, India will be 2nd country in the history of mankind after USA to reach on Mars! It will take about 9 months for Mangalyaan to reach Mars orbit. Its a very complex mission , China and Japan have already tried unsuccessful attempts. So, Fingers crossed!! 

See Mangalyaan journey and information in various pictures below 


Jai Hindi! Mangalyaan with PSLV C25 carrier Photo: ISRO-India


Mars here I come! Mangalyaan launch 5th Nov 2013, India. Photo: ISRO-India


Mars & Moon Mission : Cost comparison to similar efforts in india & abroad Photo: ISRO page


Understand our galaxy, position of Earth & Mars Photo: ISRO-India


Earth & Mars size comparison. Photo: ISRO-India


Beautiful & Touching Message from ISRO before historical launch


About Mangalyaan’s Journey till Mars . Photo-ISRO-India


Understand planet Mars Photo: ISRO-India


PSLV C25 with Mangalyaan before launch Photo: ISRO-India


Beautiful….Mangalyaan Photo: ISRO-India


Real Heroes!! _/\_ Salute To All Scientists _/\_ Photo: ISRO-India


Mangalyaan – Quite big! Photo: ISRO-India


I am Ready! Photo: ISRO-India


“Khul Ja Sim Sim”… Looks like Sci-Fi movie!! Photo: ISRO-India


Seems like at oil exploration deck! Photo: ISRO-India


Too big! Photo: ISRO-India


Some experiment… Photo: ISRO-India


TOTKE!! International Community wishes each other by passing Lucky Peanuts before important launch as a token of Good Luck! Photo : ISRO-India


Beauty…Photo: ISRO-India


5th Nov 2013 Mangalyaan launch Photo: ISRO-India


Roaring…Eager to go!! PSLV C25 with Mangalyaan Photo:ISRO-India


Dear Mars here I come..with lots of Love from the Earth!! Photo: ISRO-India


Bye Bye Baby! Mmmuuuaaahhh Cya Soon!!❤ Photo: ISRO-India


Go India…Jai Ho!

Watch Full Launch Coverage (Via DoorDarshan TV)

Please bear English of our dear native Hindi Anchors, at least they are trying for you!

Image credits: Credits for all images and information goes to ISRO and Govt of India. Pictures are shared here for educational / information purpose only. Thank you ISRO & Govt Of India! Pictures are available at ISRO- Govt. Of India’s various links – “facebook.com/pages/ISROs-Mars-Orbiter-Mission/1384015488503058” and “facebook.com/isro.org”.

Sources: ISRO and DoorDharshan TV, Government of India, Facebook, Wikipedia, Google search, and other links mentioned in the post.

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