~ [ Wealth + Identity + Wisdom ] = Happiness!

Simple but effective  Ancient Indian Vedic Mantra for Happiness – Wealth (Lakshmi) brings Power/Identity (Durga),  but to handle both properly you must have appropriate  Wisdom (Saraswati), else you will lose everything!!

Famous TED fellow & Mythologist Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik, has simplified this ancient Vedic wisdom in his typical style.

We couldn’t understand this easy mantra of acquiring right Wisdom before handling prosperity due to Wealth & Power; probably that’s why we all are witnessing current long run economic crisis worldwide!


Wisdom + Identity/Power + Wisdom = Happiness! Photo: Globindian Blog

Lakshmi, Durga & Saraswati, 3 important Goddesses in Hinduism symbolize 3 important Pillars of life – Wealth, Power & Wisdom, so they are always worshiped together.

Multiple God Philosophy in Hinduism:

Multiple Gods philosophy in Hinduism symbolizes, Truth can be told in multiple ways not just one way, also represents different positive thoughts inside human Mind. All positive thoughts or ideas or a divine character (God & Goddess); take you to the same Single Supreme Power (Shakti)! No matter which God or Goddess you worship, all prayers go to same ultimate Shakti/Source.

Its like different customized versions of one ultimate source, whichever character/thought you feel close to heart; you can choose them as your deity/spiritual guru!

How this Wisdom works?

  • Lakshmi (Wealth) brings Disorder or Disharmony (which is called A-Lakshmi), so be careful…

  • Identity/Power (Durga) brings Insecurity/ Ego/ Confusion/ Uncontrolled situation/ Pride/ Fights/ Disputes, so be careful…

Thus, in order to balance both Wealth & Power, you MUST develop necessary Wisdom/ Kindness / Humbleness / Detachment from Wealth & Power / Avoid success going in head / Self-control / Togetherness / Inclusiveness / Sharing / Relationships / Philanthropy/ Compassion / Helping those who are in need / Respect all Human beings , Animals & Nature / Giving / Balance act /Down to earth attitude!

Important thing here, Wealth & Identity/Power can come though parents or though inheritance i.e. ready-made. But, Wisdom (Saraswati) you have to earn with your own efforts by spending time, money & energy, it can’t be passed to next generation automatically!

Interestingly, Knowledge can be transpired through documents/talks but not Wisdom (Saraswati)! You have to please Goddess Saraswati by yourself, to get her blessings; she is always around you waiting for your attention!

Why prosperous Civilization / Society / Country/ Individuals fail over the time?

 According to Hindu Vedic wisdom, one who fails to get appropriate wisdom/knowledge to keep balance between Wealth & Power; downfalls soon.

Same thing is happening in many countries in Globalization, once a country/society/family becomes prosperous, next generation becomes Lazy / Careless/ Irresponsible / Egoistic/ Dominant / Pride / Dependant / Satisfaction / Unnecessary Judgemental / Starts showing wrong attitude to others, in short LACK of Saraswati (Wisdom/Knowledge).

Country / Society / Family / Individual which could not develop necessary Wisdom (Saraswati) to maintain growth & happiness, they could not sustained for longer time and will fail miserably.

How we can fit this Wisdom in our life & be happy?

 Learn how to stay calm, relax and down to earth even after achieving great success / acquiring wealth or Power/Identity or even after winning a billion dollar jackpot!

21st century is believed to be for Knowledge industry, country which will develop Knowledge/Wisdom and Skills based societies will definitely prosper. But Knowledge & Skills will not come free or can’t be passed from previous to current generation automatically. New generation, must have to acquire it through their own efforts by investing time, money & energy in right thing.

Every citizen should first focus on acquiring Knowledge & Skills, Money and Identity/Power will automatically follow!

Unfortunately, these days, people are trying exactly opposite. Probably, that’s why we are facing this economic downfall world-wide!

Deserve first then Desire: Before buying a Car you have to pass the driving test first, right? Same thing, get Wisdom first about how to handle Wealth & Power…then see how everything will get balanced.

Thus, current situation perfectly proves the Ancient Hindu Philosophy of Worshiping Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom, together with Goddess Lakshmi (Wealth) & Goddess Durga (Power) to stay Happy forever!

Although it looks simple mantra but implementing it in life

is not an easy task!

Be Happy & Spread Happiness around… 🙂

 Jai Tri-Shakti!!

 Note: It takes lots of efforts physically & lots of mental energy for weeks to bring this ancient wisdom in simplified form to all readers here. Information is collected from various literatures, reading thousands of pages, books,  talks,and other resources. So, please do not copy without written permission and kindly give proper credits to “Globindian.wordpress.com” blog and share link of this page. Thank you.

 Image Credits: Globindian Blog, “Creative Commons Organization – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons” and Wikipedia links: “Lakshmi –  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lakshmi”, “ Durga en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durga” , “Saraswati – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saraswati”.

 Sources: GlobIndian blog, Hindu Vedas, Hinduism Scriptures,  TED talks, Google search, Wikipedia, Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik wisdom, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar talks, Isha foundation literatures, YouTube , Facebook , and all links mentioned in the post.




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