~ Family Bonding…

Learn important life lessons from a simple honest middle class family (Mr. Khosla’s), who put all savings & bought a plot to build their ‘Dream House’ outside Delhi, but later found it was illegally seized by a local cunning property dealer (Don, Mr. Khurana). Heart-broken family after trying everything legally, decides to teach guy lesson & get back their property; but this time by an illegal route!!

Tit-For-Tat,  a smart, touching, beautiful family drama of a simple hard-working people, who does crazy things to get their rights back!

A must watch Comedy Family Drama : Father Vs Godfather 🙂

Trailer : Mr. Khosla’s Nest (Khosla ka Ghosla) with English Subs – Via UTV

Important Life Lessons learnt from Mr. Khosla’s family:

  • Dream house: All family members stays together , even after son’s (if any) marriage. Old, young, kids, all 3 generations live together or nearby or one family separately (husband-Wife-their kids) on each floor inside a big house!

  • Family bonding: Stay together, live together, share happiness and sorrows together…There is no system in the world other than family which can understand  (tolerate)  you better,  and always makes you feel comfortable at home! No matter what crisis arise inside or outside , always stay together. Inside home , you can live as you are, no one will have problem, no need to be fake or pretend good 🙂 Place where you are always included not excluded!

  • Respect: Respect to elders in family, even if sometimes you disagree with each others opinions

  • India’s Pluralism/ Diversity : People from different community & cultures come together for a good common cause, helps each other.

  • Gross income, rather than individual income: In family everyone is equal , no one is superior! No matter how much you are good or bad professionally in outside world.  Indian family believes in gross income and not focused on individual family member’s income as in west. There are no spate income among Husband & Wife, it is taken as gross/total income , both mutually decides how to spend it for family, personal & for future. This helps in maintaining down to earth/humble/togetherness attitude in family members and not being competitive or comparative among each other. But, responsibilities of every member is pre-decided. He/She fulfils it accordingly. Father invests all his income for family and when kids start earning they share some financial responsibility on shared basis apart from his/her own expenses.

Read my detail post on ->  West Vs East (Indian) Family System

  • Togetherness: Family first, personal goals later. Family which lives, prays, eats , together always stays together!

  • Inclusiveness: Include everyone and give importance to all no matter how much young they are. Good friends of everyone in family are like extended family members , include them too, love & respect them too.

  • Good Neighbour relations: Always  maintain good neighbour relations. Unity is good for society & country

  • Remember those who served: Never forget those who helped you in difficult time. Consider them as a close family member

  • Listen to each other: Listen to a mature member in family, no matter how young he/she is. They might have better ideas than elders!

  • Handling different opinions: Due to generation gap, opinions between family members may differ. But, respect each other’s thinking process and narrow down to commonality factors.

  • Smart thinking : Sometimes think of using Tricks (outside the box) than Power

  • Beware of frauds:  Collect all possible information before taking any big decision for family. One decision can disturb whole family or even generations!

Definitely, one of the best Indian family drama ever made…From start to end you feel connected,  engrossed in this family’s crazy thinking, naughty activities and out of the box solutions to solve their problems together.


Mr. Khosla’s next (2006) Photo: Glamsham.com

Watch 2 veteran actors Indian film industry produced, Mr Anupan Kher ( Mr. Khosla), played Dr Cliff Patel in Hollywood movie- Silver Linings (2012)  and Mr. Boman Irani ( as  Mr. Khurana), known for his best role Prof. Viru in super hit movie –3 Idiots.

More about Movie Khosla Ka Ghosla i.e Mr. Khosla’s Nest @ IMDB , @ Wikipedia

Introduction to Mr Khosla ( Father) and Mr. Khurana (Godfather, don) through this famous funny song- Chak De Phatte (from Khosla’s Nest)

More wallpapers:

Image source: Wallpapers from Glamsham.com

Sources: Khosla Ka Ghosla Movie, UTV , Youtube, Globindian blog, Wikipedia, IMDB, glamsham.com, and all other links in the post.


3 thoughts on “~ Family Bonding…

    • Ya,..Jolly LLB was good 🙂 nice script with some funny scenes….Interestingly, ‘The Man’ you mentioned is same in both movies – Mr. Boman Irani !. Unfortunately, such good movies generally don’t do good business at box office, may be due to limited budget for screen release & marketing!


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