~ Sachin Tendulkar : Gracious ‘God of Cricket’ Retires in Style…

_/\_Guard of Honour to Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, this was most probably last inning in last match of his  over 20 years long Cricket career _/\_

He is only player in the history of Cricket who scored 100 centuries with highest number of Runs (total 34357 runs ) in Cricket World , one who played 200 Test matches & over 300 one-day international (ODI) matches (total 664 international matches)  in his 24 years of career.

Sachin is Indian Cricket’s “Run-Machine’, a great Ambassador of World Cricket , who got stature of “God of Cricket” by millions of fans worldwide, set to retire after current 200th test match which  he is playing now against West Indies at Mumbai, India.

Guard of Honour: Look what happened when he came out for Bat in his last (200th) Test Match at Mumbai on 14th Nov 2013, where he scored 74 runs, probably last innings of his career (Via Youtube )

Opponent team fans giving him Standing Ovation: Australian fans at Melbourne giving standing ovation when Sachin came to bat against Australian team ! Watch historical moment after his 99 test hundred & when crowd was expecting him to score 100 total centuries in that match to become first man in the history of Cricket who could do so (which he scored in other match later)

Number 10 = TEN-dulkar!

sachin fan

Sachin’s fan in his no-10 T-shirt painted in Indian Tri-colour

In sporting world, number 10 is generally reserved for great player in the team. But here in India , number 10 / TEN is even inscribed naturally in his name by birth – TEN-DULKAR!!

That’s why Cricket fan says, GOD wanted to play Cricket , so he has born as Sachin TEN-dulkar!! 🙂

Why Sachin deserves to be God of Cricket:

  • He won many matches for India, no matter how much difficult the situation may be.
  • Total 664 international matches, mammoth 34357 Runs with an average of 48.53!!
  • Sachin has about 69 different WORLD RECORDS on his name, highest by any player in the history!
  • Only player who has scored highest centuries (100 runs in one match) in both Test and One-Day Cricket formats, a very difficult task – total 100 centuries
  • Only player in the world cricket who has scored highest number of runs ~ over 25000!
  • First player in the history to score 200 runs in single one-day match
  • Only player who played over 300 one day and 200 test matches in his career which lasts over 22 years, the longest
  • Game changer: Only players who sets new rules in the game of Cricket which are then copied by others – be it his own style of playing, his innovative cricketing shots or other style.
  • Only player who has reached the stature of being considered as Symbol/ Icon of India’s pride!
  • He is among one of few players who is considered as Ambassador of Cricket!
  • Probably only player who has got a huge fan following in other International Cricket Nations, even if they are playing against India!
  •  Only player who is on the Cover story of Local Magazines where Cricket is not popular, e.g Time cover story in USA & some other countries!
  • Only player where two international sport companies (Adidas & MRF) copied his Bat design, then lunched similar bats  named after him -“Sachin bats”! Which are hugely popular and even used by opposite teams in his presence!
  • Even his team mates stores his mobile number as “God” 🙂

Cricket Innovations by Sachin: 

Sachin is a different players with different mind-set. He has unusual acumen for Cricket game, that he designs many things as per the opponent’s challenges – be it is his different bat designs or tactics, innovative cricketing shots or team plans. He is only player in the history of Cricket when two international sport companies (Adidas and MRF) launched special Cricketing Bats, knows as ST bats and MRF bats,  specially designed as per his wish for himself and then sold similar range to other Cricketers!  You can see in any of his pictures below, the bats he is using to play are all designed by Sachin himself !

No wonder, he is called “God of Cricket”,he has raised himself to such an excellence that he has changed the rules of the game is  being played. Sport  companies served his wishes & set their product range in accord with his style. Also, many other International  Cricket players & fans  copied  him.

Watch this space for more updates….

In Pictures: Sachin Tendulkar:


Sachin Tendulkar only Cricket Who Played 200 Test Matches. See his own designed ST bat by Adidas Company


Over 20 years of Service To Indian Cricket With Many Career Milestones


Gracious God!


Setting New Rule in World Cricket!: Style,Stillness, Cool Headed, Concentration


Observing opponent’s strategies & preparing own plans

sachin roaring

Roaring after Victory


GOD Saluting GOD after scoring 100 runs against Australia. Look even opposite teams & fans giving standing ovation- a true God of Cricket 🙂

sachin wc

Winning the World Cup 2010


World Cup 2010 Trophy just after match with Gautam Gambhir


Sachin with Wife Anjali…

sachin after 200

Saluting to God: Sachin’s Signature Pose After Thrilling Victory


Thank You All….Bye Bye ..Will Miss You…

Image Credits: “santabanta.com/photos/sachin-tendulkar/501066.htm”, “wallpaperswala.com/sachin-tendulkar-wallpapers/” and Creative Commons & “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sachin_Tendulkar”

Sources: Youtube, Wikipedia, SantaBanta, Creative Commons, Wallpaperswala, google search, and all links mentioned in the post


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