~ Prof. CNR Rao : Gem of India…

Eminent Indian scientist  Prof . CNR Rao will receive India’s highest Civilian Award- Bharat Ratna (Gem of India). Prof Rao has over 1600 Research Publications, Author of  48 Scientific books, and receiver of many International awards.

Dr. CNR Rao has dedicated his Bharat Ratna Award to “The Science, Scientific Community, His Students, and Family”

As per the tradition , both Prof CNR Rao and Cricketer Mr Sachin Tendulkar  will officially handover Bharat-Ratna Award on 26th Jan 2014, India’s Republic day.

Proud of you Prof. CNR Rao for your great contribution to India &  Scientific community!

This will definitely inspire millions of youngsters  to take scientific careers!

ABP News: Prof. CNR Rao’s interview after receiving Bharat-Ratna Award

NDTV: First reaction after Bharat Ranta Awards announcement on 16th Nov 2013

Biography on Prof CNR Rao’s life

Prof. CNR Rao:


Prof CNR Rao Photo: Profile at JNCASR-India

Image credit: Prof CNR Rao’s profile page at JNCASR -“jncasr.ac.in/cnrrao”

Sources: Google search, Wikipedia, Youtube, JNCASR- govt. of india, ABP news, NDTV and all other links in the post.


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