~ Indian IT Business : Software Coding is Not a Science!

World’s one of  the eminent  scientists & new  Bharat Ratna award (Gem of India)  winner Prof. CNR Rao has opened old debate again by arguing ” IT has nothing to do with Science & Techies (employees in IT companies)  are a whole bunch of Unhappy guys working there”!! Learn Indian IT sector’s detail analysis to understand why Prof Rao might have said this about IT outsourcing industry.


Prof CNR Rao’s recent quotes on Indian IT sector Photo: Wikipedia

He is revealing disappointment of a scientist who has many ideas for Country’s Science field  but could not get enough funding to implement ideas . On the other hand Indian system has given million dollar subsidies and tax benefits so that software coding type of jobs prosper in India rather than meaningful Product Development/ R&D/innovation / Creativity!

Read more: Support for Prof Rao’s disappointment on less Research funding (Via Indian Express)

Even after giving so much attention & pampering, unfortunately Indian companies are eating very limited and Laborious Pie of World IT industry cake by focusing just on – Coding/Debugging/Analysis/Reporting Bug!

Prof Rao was probably pointing toward Indian outsourcing business model (just coding services)  and not whole Information Technology industry which involves bigger role as Hardware + Software + Integration of both to develop  complete  new Product.

He is also a well-known material science researcher, who had helped many semiconductor and hardware technology industry though his past findings on materials/metals.

Software Coding can not be Patented in many countries:

World is still divided whether  English text written in particular fashion can be Patented or  it comes under Copyright. Some organizations came up with Software Patent thing but it is still a matter of debate whether it can be patented like product invention (Science)  in Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Biotech, Pharma,etc  or not!  Some even argue that Software Patent will stop further growth of Software programming!

Read : Why Software Patents are bad! (Via About<dot> com)

Indian patent laws (also European laws)  do not permit Software Patent! More on Software Patent @ Wikipedia.

Clerical jobs in Colonization Vs  IT jobs in Globalization

To understand why Software Coder jobs or IT field have evolved in recent time, we have to go back to past to understand old global business structure/supply chain.  During colonization in last century , in order to maintain discipline and order flow of business, there were huge requirements of  “trained” Clerks + Peons to follow the orders, keep all records in log book , and pass the file/ information in next table/office. This is how big multinational like East India Company maintained its Global Business.

Similarly, in today’s Globalization we have Computers and Internet to handle global business. But, we need some specialize person to handle this whole clerical process. So, demand for Software professionals has risen in order to maintain global business flow. But, the laborious human action remains the same even after computer invention! It is but natural for rich countries to pass this laborious part to developing countries where cost is low and many English-speaking people are ready to do such tasks “happily”(?)!

So, Software Coding , Testing and Bug-free System Maintenance is just new way of SMART clerical  job, so that computers can smoothly run the global business!

Probably this is why, in India, people call software service jobs sarcastically as “Cyber Coolies”!

Indian perspective of  IT (Information Technology) sector:

Information Technology is very vast subject . But, roughly it consists of following 3 parts:

  • Hardware (Chip design / Semiconductors)

  • Software Programmes ( Coding, Testing, Analysis, Algorithms)

  • Integration of both Hardware + Software + Manufacturing to make final product

Out of this Indian companies only share small segment of Coding, Testing and Analysis part! Due to these technological constrains and lack of focus on other fields in IT, India’s share in world IT business is just around 5%!!

Read more: The Billion Dollar IT Pie: What’s India’s Share? (Via BusinessInsider)

Interestingly, foreign media  and many Indians also think that Indian GDP is ruled by IT companies. But, the fact is It sector only contributes around 5-6% of Indian GDP! Like any other big country , India also depends heavily of Core sectors like Energy, Food, Pharma, Manufacturing, Petrochemicals, Agriculture, Constructions, Transport, Rod & Railways, etc.

Thus, Indian IT in spite of all government subsidies and tax benefits is eating only small portion of World’s business and even in India.

Only some cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Noida, Pune has got some additional advantage due to IT sector. Rest India is still ruled by traditional Core Sectors which badly needs funding for R&D/Innovation/Creativity to be in tune with recent time!

Also, IT gives jobs to very selective skilled graduates which are minor compare to all other fields. Arts/Humanity contributes about 50-55% and Commerce 25-30% of total graduates India produces each year.  These fields badly need attention in order to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth.

Also, there is another myth about Software Professionals. Many feel Indian Techies are doing Software Programming. But, actually many are involved in Coding (which is more laborious work) than Programming (involves some creative part).

Understand difference: Coders Vs Programmers:

Most of the Indian IT Professionals & companies requires the job of “Coders” not Programmers!!For e.g comparing it with manufacturing company, Coders are like “Assembly Line Workers” and Programmers are Plant Engineers! Times of India reported interesting facts about Indian Programmer.

Programmers: Main Brain behind creating the software product which involves designing & developing (Architecture + Algorithm) of thousands of lines programmes. They are generally very limited  intelligent programmers in development process.

Read more : A myth called the Indian Programmer (Via Times of India)

Programmers are expertise in complex algorithms and programming methods. However, coders can be a high school level professional who knows basic knowledge of subject!

Coders: They follow instructions from Programmers to write, analyse and test the programme. More labourers job than creative/innovative work!!

Software Product Development  VS  Software Coding

Strange thing only happens in India! Product development gets less attention than writing English text in pre-determined fashion and test it manually to find Coding Bug (like English Grammar mistake)!

India represents club of limited countries in the world who could develop own indigenous Supercomputer. India’s Supercomputer is named as PARAM (Means Supreme in Sanskrit) in 1990. But, surprisingly such things never highlighted or inspired Indians to develop more technology for country. More on PARAM supercomputer  here


Similarly, TCS has develop India’s first privately owned Supercomputer with the help of HP products – EKA(Sanskrit word meaning Number One). More on EKA here .

Read : TATA’s supercomputer EKA is fastest in Asia

India’s Mars Obiter Mission is another scientific break-through for India/Humanity. Technology also involves complex computational (programming/coding/modelling) technologies to complete such mission successfully. Here also IT and Software Programming is involved but for meaningful scientific purposes!


Recently India’s leading automobile company, Mahindra Motors launched India’s first Solar Car E2O. Some features in Car can be controlled using mobile or i-pad. Such integration of Software + Hardware+ Automobile Technologies should be developed using skills of IT professionals.

e2o-gi e20-roof-gi

As I have posted in my previous post about Sixth Sense Technology invented by Indian Researcher Mr. Pranav Mistry which is now successfully used in Android based Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch.

Read: Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense Technology used in Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch

This Smart Watch is very successful and sold over 800000 watches since September 2013 launch. It has become most popular Smart watch in the world! Read details in Global News here !


Samsung’s Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Photo: Wikipedia

Job in a multinational company, preferably at foreign location is more attractive than working in lab to develop future products for humanity! Unless we change such regressive attitude towards Science & meaningful Product Development, being slave mentality will always remain!.

That is why eminent scientist like Prof CNR Rao, who has given his whole life for Science & Product Development for country/humanity, seems to be disappointed when new generation is focusing more on clerical type jobs rather than substantive Research jobs.

Why Prof Rao said Techies are Unhappy?

Fresh engineering graduates are excited to join IT companies thinking they will do some creative Programming stuffs, but end up doing Coding/Testing/Analysis/Reporting type of routine work. Even after 1 or 2 promotion , they get involved into more laborious work of data entry into excel sheets , sending long mails about issues to client, preparing Power Pont files and doing man handling.

There is no creativity/innovation/idea Generation in such work. As mentioned above it becomes more Clerical work than a meaningful Engineering & Technology job!

On the other side, due to exposure to Western lifestyle and culture, there is a confusing situation in life. In office you are like foreigner and at home you are trying to adopt Indian values/ life style! This culturally confused situation makes life  more stress-full both at Professionally due to lack of creativity and at home a complex cultural friction. This imbalance is taking a toll to Techie’s relationships and marriages.

In India many other core sectors has seen good and bad times, but it never affected their personal life – marriage, relationships and culture. IT/BPO sector is only exception in India where there are more Divorces and Depression/Stress!! Read interesting facts about IT Techies in India below.

This is why Prof CNR Rao has highlighted these factors, also pointed out why IT Techies are unhappy and further urged them to focus on meaningful work in Science/ Engineering/ Creativity/ Research/ Innovation/ Creativity fields.

Hope IT companies will focus on Innovation/Product Development/Creativity, especially in Hardware + Software,  along with IT services.

Existing IT professionals can also develop their own products for local needs and become entrepreneurs selling their own products. This will utilize their software skills and will also give employment to few others.

Also, hope in near future Indian system both public and private organizations will invest more on R&D / Scientific breakthrough / Out of the box Ideas to solve Social, Scientific, Technological & Business related problems.

Image Sources’: Google Search, Wikipedia , ISRO-India, Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch, Mahindra E2O car, PARAM yuva- CDAC India

Google Search: Google Search, Wikipedia , ISRO-India, Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch, Mahindra E2O car, PARAM yuva- CDAC India, and all news articles mentioned in the post.


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