~ MeghRaj : India is Going to the Cloud (Computing)…

MeghRaj (In Sanskrit ‘Megh’ means Cloud & ‘Raj’ means King), India’s ‘Cloud-King’ project is a Government of India’s initiative to adopt Cloud Computing Technology for e-Governance from December 2013. MeghRaj will be a bridge between various Indian Government departments, different State Government departments , Citizens, business enterprises using internet and mobile services. Aim is to reduce time, money and complexities in day-to-day official process.


Graphics: MeghRaj – India’s Cloud Computing Project for E-Governance Photo: Globindian Blog

Similar efforts are already in place and proved successful by various  local State governments. MeghRaj will be a scale up the Cloud Computing technology based e-Governance at India level.

Once all infrastructure is ready, which may take few years, will benefit over 1.2 billion Indians by reducing time , cost and complexities while dealing with day-to-day official work at State and Indian government departments.

For more details about MeghRaj project visit following links:

Image credit: Globindian Blog

Sources: Google , Times Of India, government of India website, E-Gov-Eletsonline and all other links mentioned in the post.


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